Full Brick Construction

Champion Homes can now build your new home or Duplex in full brick, double brick. In Australia the brick industry is worth over $2.0bn and employs thousands of people. In the manufacturing and installation of clay bricks.


As the simplest and one of the oldest building materials, Champion Homes believe bricks have maintained an enduring popularity with Australian families due in part to their economy, durability and the ability to manufacture bricks in a wide range of colours and finishes. Bricks are made of clay and water and are then shaped with the standard size being 230x110x76mm.


Champion Homes supports full brick construction in Australia, which is two layers of brick external walls separated by a cavity. Many of Champion Homes’ clients will choose to build the internal dividing walls of brick which provides superior sound insulation between rooms.


Champion Homes believe there are many advantages to building in full brick, double brick. Champion Homes will consider advantages such as cooler in summer, warmer in winter. Reduced external and internal noise transmission, reduced maintenance cost. Improved termite resistance and the peace of mind that comes with living in a full brick Champion Home.


Champion Homes has helped many modern Australian families and investors with a combination of double brick and lightweight building materials. This is where Champion Homes will build the external ground floor walls in double brick and the first floor external walls in brick veneer. It is also possible for Champion Homes to build the ground floor external walls in double brick and the first floor external walls in a lightweight cladding.


Champion Homes has been building full brick, double brick homes for the past ten years and during that time Champion Homes have found most of their clients will request a price to build their new home in full brick, double brick.


Champion Homes realize that while double brick, full brick does add to the price of a new home. Champion Homes’ clients value the benefits of building in double brick. Benefits such as thermal mass which will keep your Champion Home cooler in summer. Acoustic benefits such as reduced noise from traffic, neighbors, and even your own teenagers!


Champion Homes’ clients know that the benefits of building in double brick, full brick are many and varied and that their Champion Homes full brick home will remain a timeless, Australian classic.


The next time you plan to build a new home give Champion Homes a call and you will be surprised how economical it is to build your next home in full brick with Champion Homes.

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