08/12/2021 . by Champion Homes

Design and Build Your Dream Home With the Champion Homes Build For Less Offer

Are you a landowner? Are you looking to build the perfect home? Champion Homes is about to...

04/11/2021 . by Champion Homes

Thinking of Knocking Down Your Home? – What the experts have to say

Love your street? Friendly neighbours? Great transport accessibility? And your children’s school is just around the corner!...

21/09/2021 . by Champion Homes

How to Transform your space with a calming collection of colours?

Soft beiges, dove greys and warm whites - deciding on the right colour scheme can be both...

31/05/2021 . by Admin

Build New or Buy Established?

Deciding to build property in a new estate or an established suburb is a personal choice that...

13/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

Things to Know Before Choosing Off-The-Plan House and Land Packages

Buying off-the-plan house and land packages involves signing a contract to purchase property that is yet to be built. Since there...

12/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

Is Building A Duplex A Good Investment?

Is Building a Duplex a Good Investment? 3 Benefits That Say It Is If property investment has...

11/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

Some Steps to Remember During the Process of Buying Land and Building a House

Buying land and building a house is a complex process, and can be seriously overwhelming. However, choosing...

09/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

How long to build a duplex?

How Long to Build a Duplex? 4 Factors To Consider If you’re looking for a way to...

09/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

How Do House and Land Packages Work?

Buying a home can present a number of challenges, especially for those who have not yet experienced...

29/10/2020 . by Champion Homes

5 Reasons Why You Should Knock Down and Rebuild Your Home

If you're thinking about buying a new house or performing major renovations, perhaps you could knock down...

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