What’s included with your Champion duplex home?



What’s included with your Champion duplex home?

Duplex homes and duplex home designs can be as unique as you and I. With customisable options, modern features, and high-quality inclusions, this dual occupancy property option can be custom built to suit your style and your hip pocket.

Building a duplex home can also be a sizeable investment in both time and money, so it’s important to plan, design, and build a duplex home for the long term. We all want to create a final look that is timeless, beautiful, and practical with all the modern conveniences and high-end finishes that suit our lifestyle and our personal taste. However, we may be tempted to skimp on some high-quality inclusions, like quality kitchens and bathrooms and integrated joinery to reduce the initial financial outlay of the build. However, investing in these major upgrades as part of the initial build will not only enhance the value and overall design appeal of the property, but can also prove to be more cost-effective over the long term.

Champion Homes offers high-quality inclusions for duplex homes

Not all inclusion lists are made equal.

All builders have a list of inclusions that come as standard; however, the quality of the builders’ inclusions could be the difference between an outstanding, high-end finish, or disappointment. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what is and isn’t included, and the quality of the products in the inclusions list as these will, undoubtedly, have significant cost implications.

Standard inclusions lists will vary between builders and can affect the base price of your duplex home. Whereas one builder may include entry-level products on their inclusions list, e.g., laminate benchtops, another may offer top-of-the-range products, e.g., Caesarstone benchtops. Be sure to compare the inclusions lists of the builders and be clear on what is included, especially the grade and quality of the products on offer.

Champion Homes has created a not-so-standard duplex home inclusions list based on our experience of what’s most important to duplex builders. This extended list includes items that a lot of other builders only offer as upgrades or extras, and features an extensive array of exclusive, high-quality fittings, fixtures, and build inclusions.

Champion Homes has created a brochure featuring our not-so-standard duplex home inclusions for a tailored, high-quality finish, to your beautifully detailed duplex home. We have included everything you would expect and extended that list by negotiating with top suppliers of Australia’s leading brands to secure great prices on high-end extras. At Champion Homes, we pass on these savings to our customers so you can design and create your dream space without attracting staggering costs.

We have considered individual living spaces too and added beautiful fittings and fixtures to our list that will appeal to a range of tastes and lifestyles, e.g., splashbacks, fitted robes, architraves, towel rails, and cabinetry for a build that is unique, custom, and functional.

And it doesn’t end there. You also have a choice of plush carpets, quality tiles, fully ducted reverse cycling air conditioning and seamless integrated electric installations for a truly not-so-standard duplex home inclusions list. Upon completion, we hand over all the major product certifications, warranties, and guarantees to you, the duplex home owner.

Choose Champion Homes to build your duplex

The Champion Homes team has the design and build expertise to create outstanding duplex homes that showcase your character and style. Our Champion Homes Style Studio provides a rewarding, immersive experience that allows you to bring your ideas to life, helping you to visualise and decide on specific colours, textures, and finishing touches from our range of cabinetry, appliances, tapware, etc.

We have a wide range of inclusion options for you to consider, and our Specialist Duplex Team can guide and advise you on all aspects of your design and build based on your budget and your lot. The Champion Homes team of dedicated duplex specialists will provide full support from start to finish. Apart from having access to our Specialist Duplex Team and not-so-standard duplex home inclusions list, at Champion Homes, we also possess the following:

  • More duplex designs to choose from

The Champion Homes Team specialises in designing and building duplex homes around our customers’ visions, our local climate, and our passion for high-quality living spaces. Duplex home designs often present design restrictions to manage regarding plot size and home design style. Our wide range of designs offer our clients boundless design options for a more customised, personal build, incorporating skillfully crafted architectural devices, cleverly designed floor plans and, modern, practical layouts.

This extensive range of options means you will find the perfect modern duplex design that is perfect for your lot and your pocket. 

  • At Champion Homes, we build where others don’t

Our team has experience working closely with every council throughout Sydney and the greater Sydney area. Champion Homes specialises in building duplex homes, regardless of the size or shape of the lot. Our duplex home designs offer our clients boundless design features suitable for narrow, corner, and unconventionally shaped lots. This means that we can build duplex homes where other builders don’t.

  • Champion Homes presents Sydney’s first dedicated duplex showroom

Our dedicated Duplex Design Centre contains all the information you need on the latest duplex building trends, with friendly staff ready to provide specialist advice.

  • Champion Homes have a dedicated Specialist Duplex Team

Our skilled and dedicated team of duplex specialists are committed to bringing quality design, style, build, and customer service to the homebuilding industry, providing end-to-end support from start to finish.

For more information, contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated Duplex specialists.

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