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Building a duplex is one of the smartest and most effective ways to build real wealth and secure you and your family’s financial future. By replacing your old home with two new ones, you can not only maximise the value of your land, you can also create a new source of cash flow.  


Building a Duplex can be a complex and challenging process, which is why it’s best to work with the Specialists. At Champion we’re proud to be Sydney’s Duplex specialists, with over two (2) decades of experience leading the way. 

Our 5 Step Champion Process

Step 1: Client Consultation
At the start of every project, we go to great lengths to fully understand the requirements and expectations of our clients. Putting a clear and concise brief in place makes the process of building a duplex much easier for both the client and Champion. A well-prepared brief will allow us to assess the project specific to your land and in terms of the local council controls and requirements to determine the project’s feasibility.
Step 2: Site Assessment
Understanding the actual potential of your land is key. With a clear brief in place the next step is for us to assess your site. Not every site is suitable for duplex development and the ones that are will still have limitations in terms of what you can and cannot build
Step 3: Design
Based on the initial brief and the site assessment one of our duplex specialists will work with you through the different stages of finding suitable duplex design options that match your expectations and deal with specific land constraints. They will work with you in finalising the most ideal duplex design in terms of overall layout, façade, features and inclusions. While this might seem like a daunting process, we can assure you that with the guidance of one of our duplex team it can be quite enjoyable.
Step 4: Obtain Approval
We do the hard work, so you don’t have to. With an agreed to, duplex design and pricing as well as a signed building contract in place our team will go to work. We arrange for the necessary building development reports and architectural design to be prepared and for the development application to be lodged with your local council for approval. Our team then manages the application process and liaises with council as and when necessary to get your plans approved.
Step 5: Start your Duplex Build
Finally! Champion gets to do what we do best, building duplexes. With a construction certificate in place your dedicated duplex building supervisor will begin the process of overseeing all aspects of the construction of your new duplex right through to handover. Your supervisor will keep you informed through the different stages of construction and ensure that your duplex is delivered not just to any standard, but to a Champion standard of quality.
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