4 Tips for Decorating an Awesome Kids’ Bedroom



4 Tips for Decorating an Awesome Kids’ Bedroom

The way you design and decorate your home can influence your mood and concentration. For children’s bedrooms, there is even more to consider.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn four important tips to consider when designing and decorating your children’s bedroom. Your child will love his room for many years to come!

1. Timeless Furnishings

To make sure room essentials last throughout your child’s growth (and to make life easier and cheaper on you), choose furniture with a timeless design. A car bed is cute and all, but in a few years, your child will outgrow it and you’ll have to buy another bed.

Instead, choose furniture that can work for a child of any age. A simple wooden or metal twin bed and neutral-toned dressers are perfect. Stick to the basics, and updating your children’s bedroom will be much easier in the future.

2. A Space to Fit

Think about your child’s needs when designing the room. Their age will make the most difference.

Consider how much room they need. Do they play on the floor? Do they practice dance routines in their room?

Your answers will determine what the room needs. A younger child who likes to play on the floor will need open space. Homework will require a space with a desk area.

All of these considerations will help you determine the type of flooring too. Wood floors won’t be fun for a young child on the floor but are perfect for older children who play sports or music.

3. Decorate with Toys

One of the best things about a child’s room is the ease of decorating it. Just use things they already have!

Children’s toys actually make adorable displays.

Stuffed animals on bookshelves, cars or airplanes in vases, books, and colourful bookends are just some ways you can use your child’s belongings to add character and keep the room fun and youthful.

4. Versatile Colors

Similarly to choosing timeless furniture, you should also choose colours that will withstand through the years. Choose a colour palette that your child will not outgrow.

An easy way to do this is to choose colours that are not “baby” looking as well as colours that are not too bold and bright (stay away from the light and hot pinks, for example).

Another tip is to choose only two or three colours and keep one of them a neutral (like white or light grey).

This will keep the room feeling clean and simple, something that will be especially important when the toys and photos begin to clutter the room.

Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom and More

Follow this four-step guide and your children’s bedroom will be a timeless success.

Another tip to take with you – let your children have a say. Stick to these instructions, but include their perspective (let them pick the colours, for example).

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