Affordable Living in Sydney’s Growth Hot Spots



Affordable Living in Sydney’s Growth Hot Spots

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The South West Sydney Growth Corridor

Developers and the government alike are pouring billions into the “South West Growth Corridor” for infrastructure and planned communities. Some of these include Oran Park, Austral and Gregory Hills.

A Profile of South West Sydney

The South West Sydney area has been changing, especially in the last years because of the new developments.

South West Sydney was known as a working class area. However, it has changed into a popular area for young families and professionals. They find a better standard of living, more community amenities, and newer housing.

South Western Sydney has seven local government areas (LGA). Each LGA is diverse and unique. The area has a population of over 950,000. Most people living in the South West Sydney area are between the ages of 19-64. Children under 18 represent about 35% of the population and people over 65 represent only 16.65%.

Booming Economy 

The economy in the area is currently booming. Unemployment is currently low rate of 3.37%. Many economists would consider it to be at the level of full employment. Companies have begun to raise wages to attract more employees as very few workers are available. The low unemployment rate is expected to remain steady because of development and population increasing together.

Value For Money 

The median home price in Sydney has continued to climb over $1 million. People have looked to the suburbs to escape the rising costs. Additionally, the congestion, pollution, and stress of the big city is also something they want to get away from.

Prospective homebuyers are seeking alternatives to avoid the high prices in the city.

The median house price for Gregory Hills is just $648,000 according to Domain.  

Strong Growth 

The next ten years will bring growth of more than 350,000 people to the South West Sydney area. making it the fastest growing area in Sydney.

Nicola Power of Domain said that properties in some of those areas are half the median price point. This is compared with the rest of the Sydney region.

Steve Mann, chief executive of the NSW branch of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, declares that the area will need around 140,000 new houses to accommodate the more than 350,000 new residents. Some of these houses have been built,` and many more on the way. However, it’s clear that the entire growth of the area has been carefully planned.

Western Sydney Airport

Construction of the new Western Sydney International Airport began in September 2018, after decades of debate on the best location. As a result, this will generate an estimated 4,000 jobs during construction and 60,000 jobs over time. All the communities in the surrounding areas will benefit greatly from this investment.

Oran Park

The NSW Government’s Department of Planning and Environment is working with Camden Council (the area’s LGA) and the community to meet the needs of Oran Park through a coordinated approach.

“The new revitalised community at Oran Park will benefit from up to 7,540 new homes.” These homes will be close to public transportation and will benefit from new schools being built, lots of open space (over 140 hectares), a dozen playgrounds, parks and areas of recreation.

There will be approximately 18 hectares of employment land and a town centre. This new town centre will be a vibrant hub with a wide variety of restaurants, apartments, offices and civic buildings. All these new places will bring lots of new jobs to the community.

Jayson and Jodie Neill moved to the Oran Park Town in 2016. They moved there with their 15-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn and their 12-year-old son, Damon.

What attracted them to the area was the well-organised full-scale plan that was in place. When Jayson visited the community, he said that “it sounded like it was going to be the perfect place to raise a family.” The Neills are not alone, as the Oran Park Town will eventually be home to 25,000 residents.

Oran Park Town is growing at a fast pace. It already has over new schools open, 3 sports fields and 6 playgrounds. It has wider roads, which make them safer streets and kilometers of walking paths. The Display Village features 69 display models that are certain to accommodate any budget or design preference. The median property price is approximately $770,000.

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The NSW Government’s Department of Planning and Environment is working with the Camden Council and the Liverpool City Council to coordinate the growth of the Austral area.

Over 17,000 new homes and a variety of local amenities are projected for the area. This includes a new major centre and three neighbourhood centres, a new Leppington train station, over 220 hectares of employment land, 135 of recreation areas and open space, and major road upgrades. In addition, the area will also have new schools and plenty of walking and cycling roads.

The local government area (LGA) is the the City of Liverpool. According to Domain the median price for a four-bedroom house in Austral is $670,000.

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Gregory Hills

Careful planning has gone into Gregory Hills to provide its residents with a wide range of shopping, dining establishments, and entertainment. There’s plenty of places for outdoor activities, including ten new parks and sports fields.

The Gregory Hills Town Centre has over 8,500 square meters of retail, including over twenty specialties stores.

Some of the popular destinations for dining out in Gregory Hills include the Gregory Hills Hotel, ll Sapore, Blue Agave Mexican Cantina, and The Orangeville Meat Company.

The LGA for Gregory Hills is the Camden Council. The median price for a house in Gregory Hills is $648,000. 

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Predictable Growth

Predicting the growth of a city is a complicated business. Cities tend to grow slowly and adjust to the ebb and flow of the market. Currently, the South West Sydney area is the fastest growing area of Sydney and the country.

Construction for new housing arises as a result of market conditions. Developers, therefore, modify their plans and reduce future inventory when demand slows down.

The South West Sydney area does not fit the usual growth pattern. In order to meet the sudden and expected demand, it was carefully planned for over ten years. It went through all the necessary red tape that slows down any hasty decisions.

Third, it coincided with the skyrocketing prices of real estate all over the country that begged for more supply.

Future Families Benefit 

In the next 15 years, the city of Sydney will grow by over 1 million people to 5,875,309 from the current population of 4,859,432.

There is already a tremendous shortage of housing that needs to be addressed. The South West Sydney area is addressing part of the shortage with new developments in towns such as Oran Park, Austral, and Gregory Hills for instance.

The continued explosive growth of the South West Sydney area is almost certain. It’s an affordable and tranquil area. Families can raise their children in a growing community. There is a lot on offer like new restaurants and retail spots on offer.

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