Christmas light envy. 2022 could be the year to make your house the envy of the street. 5 expert tips to decorate your façade.



Christmas light envy. 2022 could be the year to make your house the envy of the street. 5 expert tips to decorate your façade.

Make Your Home the Envy of the Street With These Expert Façade Decorating Tips

To celebrate Christmas, people usually go all out to transform their outdoor home spaces. They typically light up their trees and decorate their gardens and façade. ‎‎

So, if you’re fortunate enough to have a garden or yard, seize this opportunity to decorate it for the holiday season. Aside from illuminating your trees, lawn, and garden, you can also line your gutters with decorative lights.

Bright decorations on the façade never fail to lend a magical atmosphere to your property, even before you enter it. Garlands and natural materials bring light and warmth to your home’s exterior, more than enough to let everyone know that you’re really into bringing the spirit of Christmas into your home and neighbourhood.

While all this is typical, how do you make your home’s façade the envy of the street?

With these expert-approved tips put together by your dream home and land package provider, Champion Homes, you’ll be raising the bar in terms of sprucing up your façade for the holiday season.

Light up strategically using a theme.

When you decorate your home for Christmas, you enter an almost magical emotional realm where you may recall all your family gatherings and feel the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas lights are the quintessential embodiment of the holiday — which is Christmas lights are the quintessential embodiment of the holiday, which is why they never go out of style and can be used anywhere inside or outside of a house.

For an impressive outdoor Christmas light display, avoid putting up lights haphazardly. This means having a specific plan for lighting up the façade of your home, and you can do this by choosing a theme. By opting for a thematic approach to accessorising your home front, your Christmas décor and not just your lights will have a unifying concept that may even tell a story.

For example, you may choose a star of Bethlehem theme and put up silhouettes or figures on your lawn that represent the manger scene with the farm animals. You can then put the star at the top centre portion of your home (or on a gigantic Christmas tree) as it’s meant to hold together what your Christmas décor represents.

You could even add silhouettes of the magi guided by the star on their way to Bethlehem, set apart from or included in the manger scene. You can choose to use specific light colours to represent certain figures or use a common colour for the characters and different colours for lights meant to accentuate the core theme.

Use these to light up your porch, patio, balcony, and windows. Add some fairy lights to a few plants or bushes at the entrance. String lights in a series and hang garlands from windowsills and your outdoor ceiling. You can also use lights to wrap around poles, create silhouettes on your patio, and more.

Of course, your choice of theme depends entirely on you. You can have good old Saint Nick and his reindeer or even the Grinch as your inspiration. You can even have a galactic Christmas theme if you want. There’s really no limit except your imagination.

Make your own Christmas décor.

Whatever the time of year, you need to be prepared to receive a higher power bill if you have incandescent lights than you would if you have light, You can make your Christmas façade stand out not only by using lights thematically but also by making your own decorations. This, of course, is possible if you have time on your hands. However, if you can get your family together to work on this endeavour, you’ll be able to come up with unique and inventive ways to decorate. You’ll also have some time to bond together as a family.

Creating your own décor also gives you the opportunity to reuse or recycle old Christmas baubles and accessories. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration or DIY décor websites that are plentiful on the internet.

Use natural or nature-inspired materials.

A simple technique to reduce the energy used on Christmas light displays is to set the times when they are supposed to be on and off. Besides, natural Christmas decorations draw inspiration from vintage designs. This could entail making bouquets out of broken pine tree branches and hanging them from the railings of your porch or balcony. Since pine cones are easy to find at this time of year when they drop off the trees, you can add them to the mix as well.

If pine trees don’t grow in your area, there are some imitation-style solutions available. Artificial fir branches that resemble real ones are easy to find. Keep in mind that adding natural (or natural-looking) elements to your décor is also about having a sustainable Christmas and being environmentally conscious, so opt for long-lasting synthetic ornaments.

Make your Christmas wreath special.

A Christmas wreath never fails to add a festive touch to the setting where it’s placed, so make yours special. Use it to give your doors and balcony walls more vitality. You can certainly try making your own, whether it’s made up of pine or fake fir branches or some other material. You can also buy a ready-made one and accessorise it to truly make it your own. Some wreaths feature twigs or branches from different tree species, which can contrast stunningly with the hues of Christmas ornaments.

Depending on what you want to accomplish this year, you can add garlands, ribbons, and even stars into the mix. For a unique look, add other arrangements like tiny bears and candy canes.
You can also put some fairy or string lights around your wreath to give it the attention it deserves.

Always have a star and a Christmas tree.

Whatever your theme may be, don’t forget the star of Bethlehem because it is a crucial element of Christmas. You can choose lights with a star motif or a big star with several smaller ones to go with it.

You can also use plain, star-shaped frames around which you can drape garlands and other ornaments.

Add a Christmas tree if you have enough space for it. Place the Christmas tree on your lawn or on a sizable balcony, terrace, or patio that needs sprucing up. Decorate it based on your chosen theme. You can even include Santa and his reindeer with a look that complements the theme of your home façade Christmas display.

Spread the Joy of Christmas With an Impressive Façade

Christmas is a holiday almost everyone looks forward to, as it never fails to Christmas is a holiday that almost everyone looks forward to, as it never fails to bring people joy and cheer. One way to infect others with the Christmas spirit is by making your home’s façade an impressive and outstanding reminder of the grandness of this holiday.

And with these expert tips from Champion Homes—your specialist in home and land packages in Sydney—you’re sure to have a façade that will not only be the envy of your street but also an inspiration to your community.

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