Decorating your New Home without Breaking the Bank



Decorating your New Home without Breaking the Bank

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and have moved into the home of your dreams! Now that you’ve finished all the heavy lifting, it’s time to settle down and enjoy the space you’ve envisioned.

While the thought of decorating your home might seem daunting and an expensive undertaking, it doesn’t have to be either.

By implementing a few tips to help you capture your creative side, you can easily and inexpensively make your home the envy of your friends, neighbors and family.

You don’t have to have an Interior Design degree or be a professional to make your space yours, but using some of their styling tips might go a long way towards helping you with your vision.

Start with Your Colour Scheme 

A great place to begin is deciding on a color scheme. Selecting several of your favorite colors and shades of colors assures your space will always be visually appealing to you.

Create a comfortable flow from room to room by presenting these colors in a variety of ways within each room. Besides color, you can also use design to achieve this creating a mural from a color or shape in that design. Painting and wallpaper can sometimes be an expensive and messy venture. Leaving your walls white and adding flair with art, furniture and accessories can help to lower your decorating costs.

Add in Unique Pieces 

Personal collections or unique pieces you already own are perfect centerpieces for your canvas.

Build a room up around those pieces and you’ll realize you don’t have a need to acquire much more. Minimalism is a hip trend right now and a few pieces go a long way to creating a perfect and relaxing room.

Don’t forget about your existing focal points. Revamp windows, light fixtures and switch plates into art deco pieces with a little paint and some imagination.

Bring new life to white walls with colored blinds or switch plates. There are no rules when making a home yours!

When mentioning decorating, the first thing most people think of is paint, wallpaper and perhaps, furniture.

Remember Texture 

An often overlooked aspect to decorating is texture. Rugs, curtains, pillows, throws and other carefully placed mixtures of fabrics can add an elegant spin to any room.

How many times do you go to your friend’s house and find yourself rubbing the super soft blanket she has draped over her couch? We might not think about it, but textures grab our attention and reels us in in the most subtle ways.

Bolts of linens and cloth can always be found on clearance or sale for a fraction of their original pricing. It’s always fun to change out designs for seasons and holidays too.

Consider Your Style 

Mix and Matching  or shabby chic has its own charm. Yard sales, Estate sales and thrift shops rarely have full sets of china but it’s hard to pass up these decorative beauties when they priced so cheaply.

Non-matching table settings for family can feel more personal and less formal for that get together. Pull it all together with a reasonably priced set of matching cloth napkins. Elegance doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Picture Me Perfect 

You don’t need a Van Gogh original to appreciate the arts in your home. Think about what is special to you, those things you enjoy most and hang that on your walls.

A huge film buff could have that theme in their living room using original drawings based on some of their favorite films and actors.

Spending a bit of time to think about the very things that bring peace and happiness into your life will give you the canvas you need to create the space you can truly enjoy coming home to every night. Getting creative and enjoying Estate sales or antique and yard sales are sure to lead you to some treasures and future family heirlooms without spending the kids inheritance. 

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