Dual Occupancy Homes



Dual Occupancy Homes

What are they, and why are they worth considering?

Dual occupancy homes provide homeowners with financially viable options for increasing the value of their property and the possibility of receiving a passive income. As a result, they have grown in popularity in recent years, leading to a greater choice of designs and allowing budget-conscious homebuyers to access more desirable locations.

What is a Dual Occupancy Home?

Dual occupancy homes are multi-dwelling properties for shared living with two dwellings built on a single plot of land, each with its own yard, utilities, and a dedicated entrance. On the other hand, a duplex is a single residential building containing two homes that typically share a common wall and mirror one another. 

Like duplexes, dual occupancy homes enable the landowner to maximise one allotment’s earning potential. However, there are subtle differences with respect to duplexes and dual occupancy properties regarding the areas of land title flexibility, cost, council rules, regulations, and zoning. 

Despite the differences, a dual occupancy home (for example a new home inthe back yard of an existing home) and a duplex both offer the landowner the opportunity to receive a dual income. Dual occupancy properties have become a popular investment strategy in response to limited access to desirable locations, increased property prices, and growing demand for alternative living options. 

Why Consider Dual Occupancy Housing?

Dual occupancy builders in and around the greater Sydney area have noticed a sharp increase in the demand for duplexes and dual occupancy homes. These homes not only tackle the rising housing shortage and property prices but also offer financial relief and provide homeowners with investment opportunities with the additional benefits of:


Dual occupancy homes and duplexes appeal to tenants as they offer affordable accommodation in highly sought-after suburbs and more privacy than they would get from an apartment complex.

Lower Risk Investment Potential:

Dual occupancy and duplex homes are great investment choices that allow homeowners to maximise the value of their lot and reduce costs, e.g., mortgage payments.  

Higher Returns:

With dual occupancy and duplex properties, homeowners can collect rent on one or both properties they own. These builds increase the overall value of your property and enable you to earn income from two properties potentially.

Champion Homes are the Experts

The Champion Homes team has been designing and building modern, customised, practical spaces for people to live in and love for over two decades with a wealth of experience and a wide range of design options across both duplexes and other dual occupancy homes.

As one of the leading dual occupancy builders in NSW, Champion Homes’ experience and expertise enable us to offer design and build advice based on our customers’ needs, and we are able to present you with numerous design options to suit your plot size and your budget. Our design and build expertise extend to, single-storey duplex designs and 2 storey duplex designs, corner block duplex designs as well as duplex designs for narrow blocks. Our team’s depth of experience means we can help create the perfect solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Our solutions include:

  • More Modern Duplex and Dual Occupancy Home Designs

At Champion Homes, our customers can access the expertise of duplex builders and dual occupancy builders who specialise in designing and building homes around our customers’ visions and the space available. Our team is passionate about high-quality living spaces featuring practical floor plans, modern layouts, and cleverly devised architectural solutions.  

We offer an extensive range of quality designs, so you’re sure to find the perfect option to suit your lot size, shape, and budget.

  • More Standard Inclusions

Champion Homes has created a not-so-standard inclusions list for duplex and dual occupancy homes based on our experience of what is important to new home buyers. This list features a wide range of quality items that other builders only offer as extras or upgrades and includes an extensive array of exclusive, high-quality fixtures and fittings.  

  • Building where Others Don’t

The Champion Homes team works with every council throughout Sydney and the greater Sydney area. We pride ourselves on our experience of having built on a wider range of block types than most other builders. In addition, our extensive range of duplex and dual occupancy home designs are suitable for all lot sizes and shapes, which means we can build specially designed homes where other builders won’t or don’t.

  • Sydney’s First Dedicated Duplex Showroom

Our dedicated Duplex Design Centre contains information on the latest dual occupancy and duplex building trends, with friendly staff ready to provide specialist advice.

  • A dedicated Specialist Duplex Team

Our dedicated and skilled teams of duplex and dual occupancy specialists are committed to bringing quality design, build, style, and customer service to the homebuilding industry. They provide end-to-end support from start to finish.

Start your duplex or dual occupancy build project today by getting in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated duplex and dual occupancy specialists at  https://www.championhomes.com.au/contact/

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