Make Your Home an Entertainer’s Paradise



Make Your Home an Entertainer’s Paradise

Entertaining friends and family is part of Australian culture, and there’s nothing better than hosting a dinner and drinks event or relaxing with family on a long weekend or holiday at home.

Of course, if you’ve been living somewhere that isn’t suited to hosting guests, then you will be excited about the prospect of building a new home and creating a unique entertainment environment.

A home that is great for entertaining should also be perfect for daily living, so it’s important to have the right balance when you set your house plans. At Champion Homes, we love to create innovative home designs, and these are some of our top tips for creating an entertainer’s dream home.

Plan for a Game Room or Entertainment Room

Take a step further and plan a complete entertainment room in your home.  It’s one of the most popular features of new Champion Homes. 

This is one of the best ways to create the perfect entertainment spot that can also be used for quiet relaxation whenever you need it.

Media rooms are often seen as high end luxury, and are associated with high end price tags, but the reality is that almost any large room can be turned into a suitable home cinema with seating for 8 people or even more, depending on how big you want to go with your planning. 

Alfresco Living 

The Aussie BBQ takes on a whole new meaning in a home designed for modern living.  

Increasingly home buyers are placing emphasis on seamless indoor / outdoor living where a house transitions from formal spaces to casual living and dining areas covered, but open.   

More and more this is where the modern family entertains with homes owners having full utilisation of kitchen spaces and guests being part of the action while still enjoying the open air.  

Build a Guest Bedroom or Even a Guest House

If you often have friends or family visiting from out of town, then having a guest bedroom is the perfect way to make them feel welcome.

One recent trend which we accommodate with a number of our plans is having a downstairs guest room for easy access for your guests with an en-suite bathroom with a toilet and shower.

If you have the ground space, then you could even create a guest house. This doesn’t need to be overly large or extravagant.

Quality building and modern finishing can make even a mid-sized guest house with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette feel like a mini-resort suite.

If you plan to incorporate a pool into your home designs Sydney, then a guest house makes a lot of sense. It can even double as a multi-purpose entertainment spot if you also install a bar and open living area.

Design Your Home with an Open Floor Plan

Opening up the kitchen, living, and dining area is usually the top thing on new home owners list. When you are working with new home builders, you won’t have to compromise because you’ll be able to create an open plan home from the ground up.

Open plan living is not just perfect for family life. It also makes entertaining much easier as you’ll have an open flow between all of the key areas of the home. You could even think about installing large full sized folding doors to your outdoor living area, creating the perfect indoor/outdoor flow for hot days and summer evenings.

Talk to Champion Homes About Your Dream Home

Want to create efficient entertainment space in narrow home design, or even duplex designs with entertainment options? Whatever kind of home you are thinking of building; Champion Homes is your local expert. We can give you home designs Sydney that are perfect for your family needs as well as weekend and holiday entertaining.

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