Feng Shui Tips to Bring In Good Energy to Your Home



Feng Shui Tips to Bring In Good Energy to Your Home

Bringing good energy to your home requires careful planning and a good furniture layout. Here are a few Feng Shui tips that can help you.

Looking to introduce more good energy into your home? These Feng Shui tips will sort you right out.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of bring balance and harmony to your home.  

Some proponents even go so far as to say it can bring you health, wealth, love, and happiness.  

And why wouldn’t you want that?

It can be a fast and easy process – just moving some furniture and changing the layout of your home can have a dramatic effect.

Follow our simple feng shui tips to enhance your lifestyle and make your home a more inviting place.

Never Sit With Your Back to a Door

You should try to position your furniture so that wherever you’re sitting, you can see the door.

This is quite important if you have a home office. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive you feel when you’re facing the door, compared with facing away.

The same principle applies to your sofa. You shouldn’t walk into the room and have to walk around the sofa to sit down. In an ideal world, it would be positioned with its back right up against a wall.

It can be a little tricky to achieve the same result around a dining table. Buying an oval table is one way of dealing with this, as then everyone feels at ease with each other, and the door becomes less of a problem.

Remove Clutter

Removing clutter isn’t just one of our important Feng Shui tips, but a stress management tool. Mess causes stress, and makes you feel like your whole home is out of control.

It’s crucial, if you want the energy in your home to flow in the right way, for everything to be neat and tidy.

Your home will feel a lot freer without it. Your mind will feel the same way.

So go on, get rid of those old clothes and furniture that’s taking up far too much space. You’ll be surprised at how spacious the room you uncover feels once the job is complete.

Tints of Gold

In traditional Feng Shui, gold is a lucky colour. It attracts money and wealth, and curries favour with guests and colleagues.

If you splash it around your home, the results can be a little gaudy. However, tints of gold here and there can brighten up dark spots, bringing better energy to your home.

If Feng Shui tips can help to make you richer (and your hard work means you’re worth it), why not give them a go?

Using the Right Colours in Your Home

The Southern Hemisphere has a strong connection with the Feng Shui fire element, which has strong connections with certain colours.

To be specific, warm colours like red can work a treat. We don’t think that red should be the main colour for any room in your home, unless you really want that. It’s a very strong colour.

However, having little sparks of red and warm oranges through your home will help to match the feng shui elements in your home.

Thoughtful Furniture and Accessories

You need to be thoughtful about what furniture and accessories to kit out your rooms with.

Furniture should take into account what it is you want to do in the room. It should not be large enough to prevent easy movement between rooms. It should also have a function – decorative furniture is essentially clutter.

If it’s not going to be used, it’s preventing good energy from passing through the room and into the rest of your home.

Whatever you choose for accessories should have great meaning to you. They should be things which make you happy – perhaps they relate to your accomplishments, or to your loved ones.

It’s well known that mirrors are a great way to make a smaller room appear more spacious than it is. Mirrors are also energy conduits, effectively doubling the energy held within the room.

So you need to be careful that all the energy is as positive as it can be.

Close Doors and Keep Toilet Lids Down

You should close doors behind you while you’re in a room. This is to prevent positive energy escaping from the room, and it’s particularly important while you’re sleeping.

Opening your patio doors on a warm summer’s day is fine. However, you should keep any doors which lead outside unobstructed. There should be no bins, plant pots or any decorations which are preventing the path of positive energy into your home.

But keep it shut at night, so the good energy doesn’t filter out.

Keep your toilet lid down at all times. You don’t want that good energy rushing out through the drains.

Bring Life Into Your Home

Having pets such as fish is a great way of bringing life into your home, without putting the dedication into owning a larger pet like a dog or a cat.

Fish are not just a good choice because they’re low-maintenance. They’re very beautiful, and you can choose lucky colours like reds and golds to enhance that positive energy in your home.

However, even a few plants can breathe that necessary life into the place. Their life force energy is gentle and soothing. You should look into getting plants like peace lilies and succulents in particular.

These are manageable plants for busy people, which look fantastic and deliver that vital energy.

Feng Shui Tips and Your Home

We hope our Feng Shui tips have made your home feel like a more positive place to live.

What’s next on your list for your new home?

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