How to Choose the Right Home Design in Sydney for Your Family



How to Choose the Right Home Design in Sydney for Your Family

Choosing to build your own home is a bold move, but it is one that many home buyers are making in Australia.

With the growth of new yet unbuilt neighborhood developments and the absolute lack of housing availability in the cities, it’s no surprise that so many people are choosing to buy a lot and build for themselves.

If you ‘re looking to start your family in a shiny new home, this is your opportunity to create something absolutely perfect.

Now is the time to ask yourself all those important little questions about what you really want in a home design.

What will make you love waking up here every single morning? What will make you enjoy every evening and look forward to inviting family over to host holiday dinners? These are the things that make your home truly yours.

Your Dream Kitchen

Let’s start with the biggest selling point of any home: the kitchen. What do you want from a dream kitchen?

Is it a six-burner range stove with a convection oven? Or perhaps you care more about counter space and a sleek island for prepping breakfast and chatting with guests.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of the cooking show’s ideal with a full entertainer style kitchen that opens up to the living room allowing you, the chef, to be both part of the usual festivities and occasionally take center stage.

You could have a few tidy cabinets or an entire wall of them set at a height that suits you best. Or even a second kitchenette upstairs or a beautiful butler’s pantry complete with everything you need to store all your grocery favorites and prep surprise snacks out of sight.

Now is also the time to consider your fixtures and details. Shiny granite counter tops, lovely brass faucets, and high-end stainless steel appliances could all be yours if you plan correctly.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

How many people will be living in your house and what are their lifestyles like? Every family has specific needs when it comes to the number and size of rooms.

The best designs have an almost even ratio with a balance between public bathrooms and those 

that connect directly to a bedroom. This way you have the minimum chance that anyone will be left waiting for their turn in the hall.

When looking at potential home designs in Sydney or elsewhere, consider who in your family might live in each room.

Finally, don’t forget to look for what you want in a master bedroom. Have you always wanted a walk-in closet, a jacuzzi tub, or possibly even a beautiful balcony of your own? Now is your chance to make sure that happens.

Rooms for Fun

Now that we’ve covered the necessities, let’s talk fun. What else have you dreamed of having in your own house?

A personal office is a great place to start. But why stop at a small room to work in when you could have large rooms to play in as well? If you or your family prefer an active lifestyle, you might consider dedicating one room to a home gym. This could be storage for exercise equipment for a complete workout. Alternately, you can skip the equipment and put down mats and mirrors instead.

More into media and games?

Many people would list a home theater as their own personal dream for house customisation and this could be your chance to build one. All you need is a long wall to hold the screen, a few blackout curtains, and maybe some risers to create that walk-in theater feeling. Alternately, you could go a bit retro with an old-fashioned games room. A pool table, foosball, air hockey, a cupboard full of board games and maybe even a few arcade cabinets will always make for a fun night!

Your Garage and Verandah

It’s important to remember that not every aspect of your home is on the inside. If you or your partner is a vehicle enthusiast, you might appreciate a design with a larger garage. There they can have a built-in shop to work on cars and home DIY projects.

As for the verandah, this is your opportunity to build something that creates an enjoyable flow between indoors and outdoors. You can have a beautiful  garden, a breezy verandah for outdoor dining, or a wrap-around deck. Add some seating and it can be the perfect place for meals or even relaxing in the afternoons.

Whatever you choose for your new home design, make sure you put a lot of careful thought into it. Imagine what it would be like to live in the home you’re building. Don’t be afraid to ask for custom work to ensure that the home perfectly suits the needs of your lifestyle.

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