6 Tips for Master Bedroom Style



6 Tips for Master Bedroom Style

There’s always room for improvement, and this article will give you six great ideas for how to design your master bedroom.

1. Choose the Right Colours

Bedroom in Unit 2 at our Duplex Design Centre

While people often pick cold colours for their bedrooms, it’s not the most conducive to a sexy atmosphere.

Colours affect your mood.

With warmer, more stimulating colours, you can achieve a much more romantic bedroom style.

Use warm, earthy tones. Perhaps with some bolder, deeper accents for a nice contrast.

Using warm greys and tans with natural reds or other earthy colours is a good place to start.

Aim for some kind of theme and consistency between walls, furniture, bed linen, and rugs.

A jumble of random colours without a plan is what makes so many bedrooms uninspiring.

2. Simplify and Organize Your Bedroom

You should keep your bedroom neat, simple, and clean. At all times. This is important for sleeping as well.

Bedrooms often become cluttered living spaces. You should keep in mind that it’s a space for sleeping and relaxing ONLY. 

So make sure it’s not full of things that don’t belong. 

Keep your bedroom a peaceful sanctum, a retreat where you only go for sleeping and relaxing.

3. Upgrade Your Furniture

There are many effective ways to spruce up your home and bedroom style and set the mood with better furniture.

The bed is the obvious focal point and thus the highest priority. The look and feel of your bed can make or break the mood. 

The bed is not the only piece of furniture that matters though. Your whole bedroom should instill a vibe of sanctury and intimacy. The right lines and shapes with the right materials such as dark wood will really set the mood.

Getting a nice mirror or two can also help make your bedroom calmer. 

4. Set the Mood with Better Lighting

Bedrooms are the most important place to get the lighting right. 

Most artificial light reduces relaxation.

The overhead light isn’t very flattering to your bedroom style nor to yourself. Try to replace it with a few wall-mounted lights or corner lamps. Think of a nice hotel room and try to emulate the style.

Two bedside lamps are a good start, and something in the opposite end of the room will help light it up. 

Soft light is the way to go. Replacing light switches with dimmers will make a big difference.

Since mild, warm light is what works best, few things can compete with a living flame. 

The easiest way to get this aspect right is to stock up on nice candles. Candles cast the softest, most romantic light you can find. And they’re affordable. Use nice lanterns to make the effect even more impressive.

5. Use a Soft Bedroom Style

The perfect bedroom has you feeling like you’re in a warm, loving embrace the moment you walk through the door.

Think soft, warm, and fluffy. Give yourself a new set of high-quality bedding, complete with a big, warm blanket and fluffy pillows. Get a thick, soft, warm rug or two. That nice feeling under your soles can make a big difference.

One crucial aspect that people often fail to get right for their bedrooms is the state of peace and quiet. 

The easiest way to improve this is with more fabric. It reduces resonance, softens impact, and dampens noise in general. So it really helps to induce an air of cozy intimacy and privacy.

Install some tall, heavy curtains, and perhaps an extra rug. Headboard covers, tapestries, and big canvas paintings on the walls take away any echoes and look incredible.

Any armchairs you might have could do with a decorative blanket and cushion combo. Dressers and vanities are perfect spots for smaller tapestries and tablecloths.

These things will also give your bedroom a more complete, mature look that shows some thought went into the composition.

6. Inject Your Personality

This is more important than you think. 

Your bedroom should always express who you are as a person or as a couple.

A clean style and all new furniture looks good in a magazine, but weird in real life. Don’t just use whatever is in style, choose what you actually prefer. If you have favourite furniture that you’re attached to, build your bedroom style around that.

If you have any home-made art or furniture, make it a central part of your arrangement.

More Home Tips

The bedroom is in many ways the heart of your home. It’s your most personal space and responsible for relaxation, pleasure, and comfort.

It’s a natural high priority when it comes to design, home improvement, and buying a new home.

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