Moving House Tips



Moving House Tips

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Or, so they say. But having a plan can minimise your stress and help everything go smoothly.

About 1.26 million households moved to a different home in Australia at least once within 12 months. That’s 14% of the total households moving to a new house. Young people ages 15 to 34 years moved three to five times within the previous half-decade.

Work through the tasks on the moving house checklist and you will eliminate most of the stress.

In general

When packing to move, keep the following in mind:

  • Be organised. Packing up your house is a time-consuming process. The more organised your packing is, the easier it is to unpack at the new house without anything getting broken.
  • Cull, cull & cull. Cull those things you no longer use, want or need, or are broken. Moving is an excellent time to spring clean. There is no point moving the stuff you no longer want or use.
  • Get an accurate volume estimate. Everyone has more stuff to move than they realise. Get your removalist company to give you an accurate estimate so you know exactly how much you have to move.

Start early

The best time to start planning your move is as soon as you find out. If you have a long lead time, then you have time to be super organised. This allows you to deal with any issues or challenges you meet along the way.

Two months out from the move:

  • Book a removalist. You need to lock in a removalist as soon as possible. They are busy and can book out well in advance. Do not leave this until too late or you may have to change your plans.
  • Pet transport. Make sure your pets are well-prepared for the move. Organise pet transport if they cannot travel with you.
  • Vehicle transport. How many vehicles do you have? What about a caravan, trailer or a boat? Consider how you will move these to your new property.
  • Buy smarter. There is no point buying food you just have to pack up and move. Use up what you already have in the house and shop smart. Buy only what you need.
  • Make the tough decisions. Now is a good time to decide what goes to the new home and what to get rid of. Order a skip bin for the stuff you throw out, and hold a garage sale or donate the rest to a good cause.

A month out

Here are some things you can do to help keep moving day stress free a month out from moving day:

  • Confirm removalist booking. Ring your removalist and confirm your booking date and arrangements. This way you have a clear deadline.
  • Are you renting? If you are renting you need to give your landlord notice and sort out a final inspection date to ensure your bond is returned.
  • Apply for some time off. Organise a few days off from work, especially if it is a big move. It will help everyone settle into their new home.
  • Start packing. Organise packing materials and start packing. Start by packing all the things you do not use on a daily basis. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap on hand for your precious valuable items.
  • Organise insurance. Make sure you have insurance in place while your goods are on the road between houses. Check whether your normal contents insurance covers goods in transit. Many policies do not cover this sort of thing.
  • Changing your address. Put in a change of address with the post office, tax office, banks and utilities, and do not forget to change your pet’s details with the local councils. Cancel any services such as a gardener, pool man or cleaner.

The week before

With only a week to the move, it is time to finalise things:

  • Confirm removalist. A week out from moving day confirm your booking details, also check:
  • insurance coverage
  • you have returned your moving agreement with the company
  • if there are any additional details to the removal plan
  • payment terms and conditions.
  • Pack essentials. Keep important things such as keys, chargers, and the makings for coffee, and anything you will need straight away in a specifically marked box.
  • Finish packing. Pack up the last of your items safely. Drain tools of oil and petrol, clean the fridge and freezer, and drain household items of fluids. Water plants lightly and pack them into plastic containers.

The day before

On moving day, there should only be minor things to do, if you have been following this checklist. Thing to do the day before include:

  • Organise a bag with essentials such as medications, water, first aid kit, and whatever you may need urgently.
  • If there are any changes, let your removalist know.
  • Have a bag packed for each member of the family with a change of clothes, toys for the kids, and toiletries.
  • Make sure all phones are fully charged and store important numbers outside of your phone in case your battery runs out of power.

Moving day

The big day is here. If you are organised, you should breeze through the day easily.

Before you leave:

  • Make sure there is clear access for the removalists and the truck. Give them clear instructions for each room. Ensure they have the right destination address.
  • Carry important items such as paperwork and precious items with you, if you can.
  • Check all utilities are disconnected and nothing is left behind.
  • Leave a note behind with your forwarding address in case anything turns up at the house.
  • Ensure you have the keys to the new property and drop the keys to the old house off as arranged.

At the new house:

  • Ensure there is clear access for the removalists to unload the truck.
  • Let the removalists know where you want things. Have a floorplan ready to give them as a guide.
  • Check all essential services are connected and working.
  • Check the condition of your goods and furniture as you unpack.
  • Setup the beds and kitchen as a priority, and then move onto the rest of the house.

Now you have completed your move with minimum stress thanks to this moving house checklist – sit back, relax and enjoy your new life.

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