29/11/2017 . by Champion Homes

One Block, Two Houses – Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy is two dwellings on a single allotment of land. In Sydney, most Councils will allow...

25/11/2017 . by Champion Homes

Tips for the Knock Down Rebuild Process

The process of building a home is filled with decisions, from choosing a site to choosing the carpet. Add...

25/11/2017 . by Champion Homes

8 Trends that Bring Your Hobbies to a New Home

There are three ways that most people define themselves. What they do for a living, their relationships...

31/10/2017 . by Champion Homes

Should You Renovate or Rebuild? The Deciding Factors

So you've bought a "primo" piece of property with a not so "primo" fixer-upper on it, and...

31/10/2017 . by Champion Homes

Selecting a Quality Home Builder: What to Look For

The decision to build a new home is an exciting one. Your head is full of ideas...

31/10/2017 . by Champion Homes

How to Choose the Right Home Design in Sydney for Your Family

Choosing to build your own home is a bold move, but it is one that many home buyers...

31/10/2017 . by Champion Homes

Home Decoration Ideas for New Homes

You have the home of your dreams, and the only thing left is to move in. While...

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