Bedroom Design – Creating a Restful Haven



Bedroom Design – Creating a Restful Haven

There is something very special about selecting a home design that creates the perfect environment. This is where you and your family can relax, spend time together and make wonderful memories.  

You’ve already taken the first step by completing the building process. Now it’s time to select all the furnishings and other decorating touches. This help to make your home feel like a comfortable haven.  In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips on how to make your bedroom into a restful sanctuary, cost efficiently.


A bedroom is one room of the house where you can afford to splash colour.  Muted tones, restful easy blues, greys and greens are the most popular. 

It’s the most personal of bedrooms, so you can afford to have as many personal touches. Adding a feature wall with a colour or beautiful artwork is a great start.

This handy article will show you how to select colours and paint your bedroom.

Your Champion Homes Design Studio Consultant will help you every step of the way. 

It’s All About the Mattress

Most new homeowners find themselves quite busy in the first few months after their move-in date.  Unpacking boxes and deciding where to store items, along with other responsibilities, leaves most with a few sleepless nights.  

A comfortable bed to sleep well and recharge overnight, goes a long way to minimising stress from the move.  

There are a multitude of companies now offering a range of mattresses that can be delivered right to your door.  Simply bring the box inside and set the mattress on a box spring. Within a day or two, you will have a good quality mattress at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mattress.  

Don’t like the mattress?  No problem.  Most companies have a generous return policy which allows you to test the mattress for a period of time. They can pick up the mattress if you don’t like it. Alternatively, you can donate the mattress to a thrift shop and still receive your money back.


Once you have your ideal mattress, the next factor is the right lighting.  

You don’t have to spend a lot on lamps either.  Even some basic lamps can be blended into your decor by painting the lampshades.  

A soft, natural lighting source by your bedside can help create a calming effect for a relaxing night.  

Painting the shades is a great and cost efficient way to add a pop of colour to your bedroom.  There are a multitude of do-it-yourself home decorating sites. They feature great information like choosing the ideal paint.

Use Continuity for Storage

A cluttered and messy closet can be very unsettling. Stacks of storage boxes and plastic bags design to organise your closet can sometimes have the reverse effect. Well organised closets use a mix of storage units to help maximise the space.

Invest in some storage containers that either match or color coordinate with each other.  

Creating a spot for and storing all your disparate items inside coordinated storage units helps to create the calm, relaxing environment in the bedroom area that many people crave.

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