The Benefits of Building a New First Home 



The Benefits of Building a New First Home 

Buying any home is a big investment, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, buying for a growing family, or looking to downsize. However, the market is buoyant so buying a new home is a smart choice, offering you practical and green benefits, savings on energy bills, and design choices to suit your lifestyle. 

New homes can be luxurious, modern, and tailored to your specific needs. You get to incorporate personal design touches, choose fixtures and fittings, colour schemes, layout, and, of course, it’s brand new. But, do the benefits of buying a new first home really outweigh buying an already built home? 

At Champion Homes, we have come up with a list of benefits that make a very strong case for building new: 

1. More Choice – Choose the Design you want from the Builder you want: 

Buying a new home gives you the opportunity to personalise both the design and the layout of your new home in a way that best suits your taste and lifestyle.   

Champion Homes has a wide range of incredible design options for a finished look to suit your lot size and shape, and your budget. We may even be able to incorporate additional design elements of your choice, subject to planning permission, building regulations, etc. This flexibility means you do not have to compromise on what you really want in your new home. 

You will also have access to environmentally-friendly design and build options that yield long-term cost savings in energy efficiency and utility bills that may not always be possible in an existing property. 

2. You’re not Inheriting Existing Problems 

Champion Homes is a member of the Housing Industry Association and an award-winning company bringing fabulous, affordable home designs to life for over 20 years.  When buying a new home, your property will be built to a very high standard and in line with the most up-to-date building and safety regulations and guidelines. 

When you buy an existing property, you may well be inheriting existing problems, faced with outdated and potentially unsafe building materials, the previous owner’s choice of décor, and possibly even some hidden DIY disasters.  

You may also have limited recourse options available to you if you’ve purchased an existing property with defects, like: 

  • Damp and poor ventilation;  
  • Pest infestations and damage  
  • Clogged gutters and drainage issues that can affect the integrity of the foundations; 
  • Gaps in door frames or windows, doors and windows that don’t close properly, or a bowing staircase that may indicate structural issues.  

3. High Specification Fixtures and Fittings

All builders have a list of inclusions that come as standard. However, at Champion Homes, we’ve considered what might be important to new home buyers and created our not-so-standard inclusions list.  This is an extended list (including items that other builders only offer as upgrades or extras) featuring an extensive array of high specification fixtures and fittings that homeowners need and expect, for example:  

  • Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning or split system air conditioning (design or range specific); 
  • A concrete driveway to your garage (up to 55m2); 
  • Quality floor tiles to entry, kitchen, and meals area, and quality carpet to the rest of the house (all from our Champion Homes Select Range); and 
  • Tiles to your porch and patio (design specific). 

4. Less Repair and Improvement Costs 

Existing homes may be fraught with a host of electrical and plumbing problems associated with outdated and poorly maintained fixtures, fittings, and materials. 

At Champion Homes, we fit your new home with high specification materials and appliances that comply with robust safety and building regulations. This may be particularly attractive to first-time home buyers. They won’t have to worry about the potential hazards of damaged fittings or the cost of replacing and repairing outdated or worn connections, sometimes found in existing homes. 

New homes offer first-time homebuyers the latest designs, quality, safety, and peace of mind – a great first step onto the property ladder. 

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