What makes an award winning builder?



What makes an award winning builder?

As with different fields and industries, the housing sector recognises outstanding home builders by honouring them through annual awards given by relevant award-giving bodies.

In the Australian residential building sector, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) is one of the major award-giving establishments that comes to mind.

But, one might ask, how do they know who should win? What makes for an award-winning builder? Why do awards even matter?

To answer these questions, one needs to focus on what qualities distinguish the top performers from the rest. So, let’s take a deep dive into the winners’ circle to determine what characteristics help award-winning home builders make the cut.

Qualities of award-winning builders

https://championhomes.com.au/blog/champion-homes-build-for-less-offer As a future homeowner, one of the most crucial choices you will make is selecting the best builder for your house. After all, building your dream home will probably be the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life once you’ve decided on a home design that’s right for you.

Therefore, it is crucial to find a builder who not only shares your vision but will ensure that they cover every single detail of the plan with you. The devil is in the details, as it is with most things.

Besides this, you need essential qualities in a builder — something that’s common to all award-winning builders.

1. Customer centred

After finding the perfect home design for you and your family, you’ll need to choose your builder. Now, this is by no means an easy undertaking because there are so many good builders out there.

With an award-winning builder, though, you know you’re dealing with the crème de la crème — the best in the industry. One of the first things that sets winners apart is their customer focus.

You know you’re dealing with an excellent builder when their biggest concerns are your needs and requirements for your future home. In fact, not a single brick will be laid, so to speak, until after several discussions are had to cover the design, materials, budget and other aspects of your home-building project.

Any home builder worth their salt knows how important it is to pay attention to the suggestions and issues raised by the customer and offer solutions if their client has particular concerns.

At Champion Homes, for example, they take the word of their customers very seriously. Their company’s goal is to ensure total satisfaction for their customers.

Champion Homes is committed to providing service that goes above and beyond because their professional staff know how valuable it is to gain and maintain the trust of their customers. That’s how they’ve managed to stay in business since 1998.

2. High building standards

Just like certain professions and industries, the home-building sector is governed by specific rules, regulations and standards everyone is expected to abide by.

Champion Homes is a stickler for rules because such regulations, codes and standards are there for a reason. It is the company’s goal to build not only unique, beautiful homes but also buildings that are structurally sound, durable and safe.

Even though they’ve won the HIA’s ‘HIA NSW Region Display Home $250,001-$300,000’ category in 2018 and have been finalists for several years, they’ve never rested on their laurels.

It’s important for a business to set its own standards if it wants to keep receiving accolades. This is why Champion Homes sets their own strict standards and aims to surpass them every year, whether in terms of service, design, quality, or build time.

So, after you’re done selecting from their extensive range of home designs and home and land packages on offer and decide to work with Champion Homes, you know you’re in good hands.

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3. Seasoned team of Industry Professionals

When you purchase a new home build, you don’t want the building work to be handled by construction novices. Your house-building project is simply too important!

Instead, you’ll want professionals who know the ins and outs of home building. Experience is one of the most important assets for any construction company — and it’s something Champion Homes has plenty of.

In fact, Champion Homes’ success is largely due to its team of diversely skilled, highly experienced individuals.

4. Honesty and integrity

It’s easy to make claims about being great at what one does or having been a winner of prestigious awards. However, all this means nothing if one lacks honesty and integrity.

If you’ve built a reputation as a builder who doesn’t fulfil their promise, customers will look elsewhere. Acquiring a house is likely to be the biggest financial decision a customer will make in their lifetime, and they won’t entrust the construction work to any company — especially not one with a bad reputation.

The senior management team at Champion Homes is confident that their customers trust them — after all, they’ve been cheering for Champion Homes in the HIA awards every year.

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5. Top-notch build quality

All homes are not built the same because not all builders build to the same quality or with the same level of care. Therefore, customers who opt for a sub-standard builder lured in by a deal that should have looked too good to be true will often find themselves moving into a sub-standard home of inferior quality and laden with defects. Naturally, you do not want to find yourself in such a situation.

It pays dividends in the long run to choose an award-winning home builder.

An award-winning home builder will strive to build to specifications. They will make it their mission to ensure the build quality of the homes they build is held to a high standard — no matter the budget or size. They’ll find ways to work with their customer’s budget whilst ensuring quality is not sacrificed — an approach Champion Homes has always upheld.

Why awards and accolades matter

While it may not be so obvious to homebuyers, awards and accolades encourage healthy but fierce competition in the home-building sector.

The desire to get industry recognition can be the push some homebuilders need to up their game — something that’s highly beneficial for customers.

As for Champion Homes, the team is happy they’ve been included consistently in the HIA awards roster of winners through the years.

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