What To Look Out For In Knock Down Rebuild Packages



What To Look Out For In Knock Down Rebuild Packages

Have you reached the point at which you really need to upgrade your home? Renovating your existing home, or selling up and buying a new house are two options. But they can be time-consuming and expensive. Knock down rebuild packages are an excellent alternative.

You may have many reasons to upgrade your home. Perhaps you need to add extra bedrooms to accommodate a growing family. Maybe your old home just doesn’t have the bedroom and living space as the family grows. Or it could be the kids want more space now that they are teenagers. There is also the possibility that the old home’s best days are long behind it and you want to maximise the value of your house and land to sell at a later date.

There are several benefits of choosing to knock down and rebuild over buying a brand new home. One is eliminating the hassle and wasted time of selling your current home and finding a suitable place to buy in an area where your whole family will be happy. This isn’t easy. Affordable real estate is scarce, particularly in the country’s larger cities. Your kids may already be settled into their schools and friendship groups, and a bigger, more expensive house may not be available in your area.

So, a knock down rebuild might be a better option, but what should you look for in a knock down rebuild package?

A range of design options

This is a great opportunity to redesign your living space! Find a team who will give you a range of home design options. Whereas your old home may have been cramped and uncomfortable, selecting from a wide number of designs means you can add extra entertaining areas. These may include games rooms or an outdoor entertainment area.

You can completely change the floor plans from those of your old home! With your family’s input, note down what you find uncomfortable about your home, then ask to see demonstrations of floor plans and home designs before selecting the one that will work for you and your family.

Work with builders who will give you these options, so you can achieve plans that will suit your lifestyle and that of your family.

Different building types

Your chosen builders should also be able to offer several building types. The popular duplex design is one example. A duplex is two residences built on one piece of land. Both households have their own living spaces, driveways and utilities, divided by a middle wall. 

One of the key advantages of a knock down and rebuild of your existing home and replacement with a duplex is the ability to rent out the second home. Or to have another member of the family stay next door.

Building experience

Find for the best, most experienced team of builders. These builders must be qualified to carry out knock down and rebuild projects. Experienced builders will understand the need for you to select from a range of floor plans that will suit your lifestyle. They will also be able to advise you on the best design choices based on your block of land.

At Champion Homes, we have been building homes — including duplexes — in the Sydney region for over 20 years. Our friendly and professional team will help you get into your dream home sooner than you expected. We believe in providing the best service for our customers, and will keep you informed at every stage of the building process.

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