3 Things to Remember When You Get Cheap Land and Home Packages



3 Things to Remember When You Get Cheap Land and Home Packages

If looking to build or buy a home, we suggest that you consider checking out cheap house and land packages. Increasingly, home buyers are seeing the advantages in a combination deal. They save time, hassle, and, in many cases, even money.

These packages also offer the benefits of a home customised as much as possible to your personal wants and needs. Even with a simplified process, there are a few details that are worth knowing beforehand. Read on to find out more.

Display Homes Are a Good Guide, But Not an Exact Match

We encourage our clients to check out the display homes that we have made available for viewing. These represent approximate examples of the range of houses that we can build for you. 

Our clients make best use of display models by using them as visualisation tools. The models become blank canvasses of homes, and clients add their own personal design details to this.

We caution our clients, however. Each home design is influenced and restricted by many factors. Display homes may not precisely match what is possible in your specific block of land. Local regulations and other factors may affect site costs and the final result.

House and Land Packages Typically Cost Less

In many cases, combination purchases can provide important financial advantages. 

First, they often cost less than buying land and building a home separately. When builders offer land and house packages, they take away a lot of the extra time, effort, and money that would otherwise be wasted.

Secondly, package deals save money on stamp duties. When you purchase unimproved land, you only have to pay the duty on the land. This often makes home construction a better deal than purchasing an existing home of similar size and style.

With a home and land package, you can select a number of different personalising options, making it as suitable as possible for you and your needs from day one on.

This could save you money when compared to making the changes yourself after moving in.

Financing Is Less Complicated

Another important feature of buying a combination home and land package relates to the financing deals. When you buy land separately from the home builders, you must take out two separate loans. The land loan will often require a 10 percent or greater down payment. Lenders will also request at least five percent down.

Home buyers who opt for the combination package can put down as little as five percent. They also only require a single loan to cover the cost of land purchase and all facets of home construction provided by the builder.

From the convenience to the price, house and land packages almost always offer a better overall deal than other options.

We encourage clients to reach out to mortgage brokers at the beginning of the process. They can help to secure the best pre-approval conditions whilst also, as well as helping clients to boost their credit scores for a better deal.

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