Category Archives: Building Tips

Category Archives: Building Tips

05/03/2020 . by Champion Homes

The Definitive Guide to Knock Down Rebuilds

When considering large-scale alterations to your home, a knock down rebuild might not be the first thing that...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Getting Toasty: Top Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Australian winters aren't as cold as they are in other parts of the world. However, you still...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

How to Make a Narrow Lot Look Bigger

In Australia, the average home is about 186.3 square metres.  And many are built on narrow lots, so...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Knock Down Rebuild: 5 Planning Tips

5 Tips for Planning a Knock Down Rebuild Sometimes buying a new home or renovating an existing...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package

The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package In the last decade and a half, Sydney...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Your Complete House Building Checklist

When it comes to building a new house, there are many benefits to consider. With a build-to-own...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Narrow Lot Home Benefits: 3 Perks of Owning Narrow Lot Homes

With land sizes getting smaller and smaller home buyers are worried. They're not sure if they can...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Single Storey vs Double Storey House: Which is Better for You?

Bigger is better is a commonly used trope, correlating size with value.  It's easy to apply this...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Corner Lot Homes: The Top 4 Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of choosing a corner lot home. If you haven't thought about why...

07/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Narrow Home Designs Without Compromise

Australia is the 6th largest nation in terms of land size. Therefore its not surprising that we...

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