5 Reasons Why First Home Buyers Should Consider House & Land Packages



5 Reasons Why First Home Buyers Should Consider House & Land Packages

If you’re a first home buyer, getting the house of your dreams can seem to be an almost insurmountable task. But first home buyers house and land packages are an option that offers better value for the first home buyer and more control over the design than purchasing an existing house.

It will also save time and be more convenient than the option of finding a block of land, then a builder for the house. House and land packages for example, will also offer investment value and a place to live in one affordable package.

The convenience of a house and land package

Looking for a home builder to build your desired home may take many months of searching. Then you may need to wait for them to become available. This may cause frustrating delays. It may be many months before you and your family can move into your dream home.

However, combining the purchase of the land and house will offer you a quicker, more streamlined solution.

Changing the design to suit you and your family

A combined package will give you, the home buyer, more input into the design you select than if you were purchasing an existing house. You can make special modifications that will suit your family and their lifestyle and help you choose floor plans according to the layout of the block of land. 

You can move straight into your new home

Choosing a house and land package means your home will be ready for you and your family to live in upon completion. The builders will complete all customisable inclusions as part of the package. A new home means everything is completed and ready to go. All you need to do is move in!

Planning for first home buyers house and land packages

Buying a house and land package will give you more control over planning. For example, you will have a better idea of how long you will need to live in your current home, when to book a removalist, and when you will need to take time off work for the big move.

This is very convenient for home buyers. Many get caught in the trap of buying a plot of land, then waiting for builders to become available. This will take time. Finding temporary housing for the duration may be difficult to locate.

Simplifying the process makes it easier and less stressful.

Simplify the loan process

Purchasing a house and land package also simplifies the financing of the project. Buying a block of land and then contracting a builder will comprise two financing steps. One loan to purchase the land and another when you negotiate with a builder to build your house. Purchasing a house and land package will streamline this process into one.

The option of a house and land package over an existing house will also mean saving on stamp duty as you will only pay the tax on the value of the land. It also will allow you to claim the first home owner’s grant, if eligible.

At Champion Homes, we specialise in building homes which are available to buy as a house and land package.

We have been building homes in the Sydney area for over 20 years. Using our company will have the advantage of working with our experienced builders. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you on the road to an affordable home as a house and land package. 

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