Can I build a Duplex on a Corner Block? 



Can I build a Duplex on a Corner Block? 

Champion Homes Brings you Modern Corner Block Duplex Designs For your Dream Home. Building a duplex on a corner block can make a lot of financial sense. A sleek, modern duplex design will maximise the available space and increase the potential value of your corner lot, thereby yielding additional benefits that suit your pocket.

Corner lots are unique in that they offer two street frontages, options for multiple access points, and the opportunity to build dual occupancy properties with creative floorplans and a choice of designs. Dual occupancy builds like duplexes are renowned for their flexibility, making them ideal for homeowners and investors looking to diversify their property portfolio, increase their earning potential, and make the most of the space available on a corner lot.    

A duplex house is a single residential building containing two homes. The two homes typically share a common wall and mirror one another. Duplex homes can either exist under a single title deed and can be owned and sold together or exist under separate title deeds, and the duplexes can be sold and owned separately.  

Duplex Designs Suited to Corner Lots 

Duplexes offer both flexible ownership options and versatile design options. With limited corner block duplex design restrictions, clients can maximise the space on their corner lot with two-storey or single-storey duplex designs and creative floorplans.   

Champion Homes are experienced, professional, multi-award-winning duplex building specialists. Our Specialist Duplex Team can provide design guidance and advice on all aspects of corner block duplex design options. We also offer a wide range of duplex designs suitable for corner lots, including: 


This chic double-storey corner lot house design boasts classic, modern, and appealing design features, including ample outdoor living space, open plan dining, a modern kitchen featuring a walk-in pantry, and an upstairs balcony. 

The Cove duplex design offers spacious open-plan living options with a range of design features to suit modern living. This double-storey duplex design is suitable for a corner lot and will simultaneously maximise the various living areas and create an open flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

This versatile double-storey corner lot house design features side-by-side units. The plans offer flexible living options with three bedrooms upstairs and a room downstairs that can be used as a bedroom or a study. Downstairs has clearly defined living areas with access to covered outdoor living spaces suitable for use all year round. 

This corner block duplex design is a spacious design option to maximise the available space. It features spacious upstairs bedrooms, a modern open plan dining space downstairs, separate living areas, and a functional alfresco area for outdoor living options. 

The Benefits of Building a Corner Block Duplex with Champion Homes 

Champion Homes has been bringing beautiful home designs to life for over 20 years with our professional and creative design and build services.   

Champion Homes has an outstanding reputation in the building industry and is a member of the Housing Industry Association. We aim to build dream homes to suit each client’s lifestyle, lot size, and budget.  

Champion Homes, Sydney’s Duplex Specialists, is committed to bringing quality design, style, build, and customer service to the homebuilding industry. With Champion Homes, you can: 

  • Choose from more Duplex Designs: Our extensive range of quality build designs, including corner block house designs, means you’re sure to find the perfect duplex home design to suit both your corner lot and your pocket. 
  • We build where others don’t: The Champion Homes team has worked and fostered relationships with all the councils throughout Sydney. Our extensive experience has seen us build numerous homes on a wider range of block types than most. We will ensure that your build is done to the highest standard and according to current safety and building regulations and guidelines. 
  • Sydney’s first dedicated Duplex showroom: Champion Homes has a dedicated Duplex Design Centre where you will have access to a wealth of information on the latest Duplex building trends and friendly staff who can provide specialist advice. 
  • Specialist Duplex Team: Our Specialist Duplex Team can advise and guide you on all aspects of your design options from start to finish, based on your budget and your lot shape and size. 

At Champion Homes, we pride ourselves on offering our clients refreshing and extensive duplex house designs that are fully customisable with modern features, open-plan living, and indoor/outdoor living options. For more information, contact us today and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated Duplex specialists. 

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