Corner Lot Homes: The Top 4 Benefits



Corner Lot Homes: The Top 4 Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of choosing a corner lot home. If you haven’t thought about why a corner lot makes a great choice before, you’ll feel confident about buying one.

Buying a home is an exciting event in anyone’s life. Even if you’re in a small or medium-size house, there’s something wonderful about it belonging to you, and no landlord to call the shots.

But what if you had your choice of where to live and could pick the lot that you’d call home? How do you know you’re making the best choice?

1. Additional Space and Extra Room

One helpful advantage about choosing a corner lot house is the fact that there’s extra room. This goes for both the house and yard, as many corner lot owners are surprised to find out.

Corner lots offer the illusion of having additional space. Of course many do, and homeowners take advantage of larger yards and model units, which are common with corner homes.

If you’ve always wanted an open look to your home, picking a corner lot can create the look you’ve always wanted for your house.

2. Corner Lots Have Privacy

The need for privacy varies by and large with many homeowners. While some enjoy having close relationships with their neighbors, others prefer to retire to the yard whenever they’d like without having a conversation.

While there’s a variety of ways to make your yard feel private, as a dweller of a corner lot, you won’t have anyone next to you on one side of your home. You can choose to move your lawn chairs or garden over to the area closest to the corner, and put up a privacy fence for good measure.

It’s your home, so make it as personal as you please, and enjoy the extra space.

3. A View You Can Enjoy

Because you won’t have an extra neighbor as you would if you lived sandwiched in the middle of others, you’ll get a better view. At least one side of your home won’t get obscured by neighbors, making it easy to enjoy.

If you’ve taken advantage of your extra space and put in a side garden, fountain, or something else that makes your home feel personal and special to you, you’ll have the chance to enjoy it. Even if you don’t plan on doing anything out of the ordinary, know that you’re free to do so in the future.

4. More Parking for Everyone!

Entertaining is a great excuse to gather with the people you care about. Having guests over for dinner or a get-together is always fun, but what do you do when you run out of parking spaces?

Since you’ll have two streets thanks to living on a corner, you’ve got double space for everyone to park. If you plan on throwing lots of parties in your new home, this is a great benefit and something your guests appreciate.

Corner Lot Benefits 

A corner lot isn’t the first choice for some people, but it offers more benefits than most people realize. Now that you know what makes them special, you can make an educated decision.

If you’re looking for just the right house, we can help. Contact us, and see how we can assist you with finding your dream home today.

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