How to build a duplex on a narrow block



How to build a duplex on a narrow block

How the right duplex designs for narrow blocks can add value to your land.

Cleverly-devised duplex designs will enable you to build a dual occupancy home, even if you are on a narrow block. Doing this the correct way will add to your block’s potential living space, allow for lock up garages and unlock the full value of your land.

A duplex home means having two separate but attached homes on one block, with different entrances and separate garages for off-road car parking. The big appeal for the investor is the added value to the existing land. A property that now falls under the guidelines for a duplex is worth more than one that doesn’t, according to McGrath Projects associate director Dennis Vertzayias.

Clearly, there are many advantages to building a dual occupancy home. So what should you consider when choosing duplex home designs for narrow blocks?

Establish your duplex design needs

What are your goals for the duplex living space? Will you be renting out the second home and living in the other? If so, you’ll need to ensure your privacy and that of your co-occupants is maintained. Will you be sharing the duplex home with an elderly relative? If yes, you will need to have access to their home in the event of an emergency but remain separate enough to ensure their independent lifestyle.

Achieving the right duplex designs for your narrow block

Once these needs have been established it’s time to ask the professionals to draw up the perfect duplex design for your narrow block. The right design will mean making the most of your narrow frontage. How this is done may vary on the way your land is configured but may include a single level, or a double story duplex. This doesn’t mean compromising on quality or lifestyle though. However, it is important to be aware of the configuration of the block, and to always be flexible in your choice of design. Talking with the professionals will help you find the design that suits your taste and preferences and maximise the layout of your narrow block.

Consider lock up car parking spaces in the design

Car parking spaces can sometimes be at a premium, particularly if you live in the middle of the city. Finding a car parking space at the front of your house may not be possible due to high car usage in your area. Many residents in the inner city now rely on restrictive car parking permits or paid car parking. The alternative of parking blocks away is undesirable, yet may be the only option available. 

However, by incorporating a duplex home design that will be suited to your block, provision can be made for lock-up car spaces for all residents. 

At Champion Homes, we help you maximise the value of your narrow block by building a stylish duplex home that will suit your every need. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service and have been building duplex homes in the Sydney region for over twenty years. 

Contact us here for a no-obligation consultation where you will receive advice and a range of options for the duplex designs that will best suit the configuration of your narrow block.

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