How to Make a Narrow Lot Look Bigger



How to Make a Narrow Lot Look Bigger

In Australia, the average home is about 186.3 square metres

And many are built on narrow lots, so it’s worthwhile planning your home to both maximise space and to appear bigger than it is.  

If you’re wondering how you can build your dream home in a narrow lot, read on to learn how you can make a narrow lot look bigger. 

Let the Light In

If you’re dealing with a narrow lot, one of the best things you can do to make it seem wider is by letting the light in. Light will give the impression of having a wider space than you do. 

Darker rooms tend to appear smaller even if they’re not, so keep this in mind when you already have a narrow space. 

A few things you can add to increase the light in a narrow lot is to add french doors. French doors will not only let more fresh air in, but they will also let in more light. 

Since they bounce the light around, mirrors are also great to increase the light in your home. 

Keep the Floor Clear

When you have a narrow design, having too many things on the floor can rob you of necessary square meters. There are simple things you can do to keep things off the floor. For example, if you have a television stand, try ditching it and mount your television on the wall instead. 

Try to avoid statement pieces that have to go on the floor like planters, bookshelves, and more. Instead, try to stick to wall decor so you keep your floors clear.

Don’t Try too Many Colours

If you’re dealing with a narrow room, you cannot have too many colours on the walls. When you keep the room busy with too many darker colours and patterns, you will make it look narrow. 

Instead, try sticking with a single light colour on the walls and make your furniture match the colour on the walls as much as possible. 

Don’t Get Dark Curtains

Dark colour curtains are a bad idea when you have a small or narrow lot. If you must add curtains to a room, you should stick with light colours or try to match the colour of the walls. 

Try to Spring Clean

Clutter and unnecessary messes can make any room appear smaller than it is. If you don’t remember the last time you performed spring cleaning, now it the time. 

Getting rid of items you don’t want or need will rid your room of clutter — making it look bigger.

Stick to One Statement Piece

As much as you would like to add beautiful art and decor to a space, it’s not a good idea when you have a small room. 

If your living room is narrow, try to only get one sofa as supposed to a sectional or a three-piece set. Stick to one large piece of art on the wall instead of many small ones throughout the room.

A statement piece will pull attention to the room and make it look bigger.

Give the Eye Up

If you have a narrow lot, one way you can make it look wider and bigger is by drawing the eye up. Adding height to the room will shift the eye from the width to the height. 

Take advantage of having high ceilings by emphasising the height and not the width. For example, if you have beams on the ceiling, try painting them a different colour by drawing the attention upwards.

You might also be able to add a statement piece on the ceiling such as a custom light fixture. 

Built-In Furniture

When a room is a bit more narrow than usual, you need every centimetre you can get. A way to add more width to a room is by having built-in furniture as part of the wall. 

Many people opt to have built-in dining seating or a built-in couch. If you opt for this idea, try to keep the furniture the same colour as the walls to the transition is smooth.

Choose Furniture that Fits the Space

The last thing you need in a narrow lot is furniture that is too big. Make sure you get accurate furniture measurements before you go shopping. 

If you can’t find anything that fits the space, try getting custom built furniture to make sure it’s always a perfect fit. 

Choose a Focal Point

In a narrow lot, your main goal is to always pull attention away from the width and focus it on something else. One way to do this is by focusing the attention into a focal point. 

For example, in a narrow bedroom, you can always shift the focus to a bold colour dresser or a statement wall. 

Don’t Focus on the Lines

If you want to add more width to a narrow room, you can always try to blur the lines a little bit. For example, try to add a wallpaper pattern that doesn’t make it as clear where the room ends and where it begins. 

Not having a defined sense of space will make the room seem wider. 

Diagonal Lines

When you have a small lot, you can also take advantage of diagonal lines. Diagonal lines can work in your favour because they create the illusion the room is wider than it is. 

You can create diagonal lines in different ways such as placing furniture in an angle or installing diagonal flooring. 

Open Up Your Staircase

If you have a narrow lot with a built-in staircase, you can make it look wider by utilizing a few tricks. For example, if you take advantage of open risers, your stairs will take up less space and look less bulky. 

Those who live without children and family members who need assistance can remove the rail altogether. 

Making a Narrow Lot Appear Bigger: The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to make a narrow lot look bigger, it’s time to get to work. 

It’s as easy as taking advantage of diagonal lines, let the light in, use light colours, and invest in custom furniture.

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