How to transform your space with a calming collection of colours?



How to transform your space with a calming collection of colours?

Soft beiges, dove greys and warm whites – deciding on the right colour scheme can be both an exciting and stressful part of building your new home! Choosing the right colour palette that is perfect for you and your home will transform your space into a calming sanctuary. Feel cozy and serene in your new home at Champion Homes when you follow our top interior colour choosing tips:

  • Find Inspiration 

Before you can decide what colours would work best in your space, it’s important to research and compare potential palettes. There are so many places to find inspiration and this process may feel overwhelming, but great places to start include a deep dive scrolling through Pinterest, interior styling blogs and seeking advice from our experienced, and knowledgeable Champion Home Consultants. 

  • Collect your ideas – create a Moodboard!

So you have decided on a collection of colours, now the next step is to collect all your ideas and inspiration in the form of a visual aid; a moodboard! A moodboard is a great way to ensure your chosen colours are balanced and will create a sense of harmony through your home. From here you will be able to compare shades, textures and styles so that you can find out what works together and in turn, what doesn’t. From the soft touch of carpet felt below your feet, to an outstanding striking terrazzo tile, include all your ideas in a moodboard so that our expert Consultants can understand exactly how your dream interior will be put together. 

  • Decide on your interior colours

It’s quite obvious that the colour of your walls, cabinets and other interior fittings are key to the overall feel of your home. Imagine an open, inviting white kitchen with hints of brushed gold for warmth, which leads you to a cosy lounge room finished with a cream feature wall – THIS is a space that you want to make lasting memories in. 

To create a sense of serenity for your and your family we would recommend neutral tones and textures such as:

  • Muted grey
  • Warm white
  • Sandy beige
  • Natural stone 
  • Woven fabrics
  • Beachy oak 

  • Select your furniture

Finally, to complete the transformation of your space into a calming oasis, select furniture that will compliment and ensure consistency throughout the house. Referring to your moodboard, decide on how the collection of colours might be best distributed. The best way to do this is to start with the key furnishings that you want and then ask yourself what decor would work best. Feel welcomed into a bedroom decorated with muted pastels, soft sheets, and an inspiring landscape artwork hanging above a timber bed frame. Remember to swap out any invasive furnishings that might interfere with your home’s colour harmony. Lastly, map out your furnishings on a floor plan and visualise how each piece will coordinate with another. From the coziness of your bedroom to the warmth of the family kitchen, colour is key. 

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