Knockdown Rebuild Costs: What to Plan for?



Knockdown Rebuild Costs: What to Plan for?

Do you love where you live, but your current house is just not fit-for-purpose anymore? What if we told you that it’s not only possible to stay in your current neighbourhood, but that you can also get the house of your dreams!   

When you have strong ties to a neighbourhood, it’s worth considering the options that will enable you to stay where you are. With a knockdown and rebuild, you can do just that. Consider your options and any associated costs involved that will enable you to design and build a beautiful, functional home without moving from your current neighbourhood or breaking the bank.  

Common Costs associated with Knockdown Rebuild Homes: 

A knockdown rebuild project is more affordable than you may think. We have taken this opportunity to set out the more common costs associated with knockdown rebuild projects, which are particularly popular on Australia’s east coast:  

  • Knock Down and Removal: 

A knockdown rebuild project begins with demolishing the existing house, level the lot and build a completely new home. Demolition costs can vary for a lot of reasons, however as a general guide the cost of demolishing a home is approximately $30,000. 

Demolition quotes will usually cover standard demolition costs; however, they won’t necessarily include costs associated with removing underground pipes and tree roots, access to the site, and the removal of asbestos. These costs can substantially alter the initial estimated demolition cost, so it’s important to make sure you account for them when planning your costs.  

At Champion Homes, we understand the need to keep costs down, so we are currently running a promotional offer on demolitions, where you can knock down your old home for as little as $5,000.00 (T&C’s apply). 

  • Site Preparation: 

Preparing the site for the rebuild is crucial, as the quality of the site preparation will impact the time that needs to be allocated for the rebuild. Site preparation includes demolishing the original structures, clearing and removing the debris, grading the site, and adjusting elevations and slopes to provide a stable and solid foundation for the rebuild. 

Several factors can affect site preparation and, thus, affect the overall demolition costs. As the landowner, you should have in-depth discussions with a knockdown rebuild specialist who can advise you on how these factors will impact the overall cost of the demolition. Factors that should be considered in the discussion include: 

  • Zoning requirements and permit costs; 
  • The size of the site and how many structures are to be demolished; 
  • The quality of the existing foundation and whether heavy equipment will be needed to address any sloping or levelling issues;  
  • Discovering asbestos or any other pests, etc.   
  • Council Fees/Inspections/Certificates: 

Depending on what and where you build, a knockdown and rebuild may attract permit and application fees payable to the council. Levies, construction certificates, approvals, and development applications can be costly and time-consuming. Be sure to consult knockdown rebuild specialists who can advise you on what potential fees and costs should be factored into the overall budget.  

  • The Rebuild: 

The rebuilding phase is when the magic happens, and the design for your dream home becomes a reality. The overall cost of the rebuild phase varies and is dependent on several factors. Namely, the size of the house, the complexity regarding the structural design of the new home, the quality of the materials used, any special site considerations, and the proposed timeframe for the new home build.  


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) published data showing the average size of a home build spans 229.8sqm. If you consider your building costs in terms of dollars per sqm, you can see how varying the size of your new home will have a significant impact on the total price. 

This information should give you a fairly accurate indication of the different costs involved with a knockdown rebuild, and allow you to plan accordingly. However, this information is merely a guide, and importantly should be reviewed against the impact COVID-19 has had on the construction industry in Australia, which has resulted in the rising costs of building materials and delays in project completion due to the scarcity of skilled labour. As such it will be important to obtain detailed pricing from specialist partners to arrive at an accurate estimate.  

The Benefits of Using Knock Down Rebuild Specialists 

Knockdown rebuild specialists are best placed to offer guidance and advice on the knockdown rebuild process and highlight any potential hidden costs. In addition, they can manage the entire process from start to finish, potentially saving you a lot of money and time in the long run. 

No two projects are the same, which can lead to a lot of uncertainty.  Having knockdown rebuild specialists at the helm means you will have a better understanding of the process and a clearer idea of the costs involved and the expected project completion date. 

Champion Homes has a team of knock down rebuild specialists who have been involved with projects in and around Sydney for decades. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to take your project from start to finish, keep you up-to-date, and offer guidance and advice along the way. 

Moreover, Champion Homes will have you living like a champion with the standard offerings that most builders provide as extras. For instance, Champion Homes provides: 

  • Wide range of home designs. Champion Homes offers a wide range of creative and modern home designs to suit your plot size, your lifestyle, and your pocket, e.g., single-storey, double-storey, corner lots, narrow lots, and everything in between. 
  • Customisable designs. All our home designs are completely customisable. Consult with our specialist design team and come up with the perfect home by turning our designs into your dream home. 
  • We build where others don’t. The Champion Homes team works closely with every council throughout Sydney and the greater Sydney area. We are suitably experienced in building on many block types that many builders won’t or don’t have the expertise to build on. 
  • Premium inclusions. At Champion Homes, we build quality homes whilst also offering an outstanding catalogue of premium inclusions as standard that other builders might charge you extra for. 
  • Over 2 decades’ worth of experience. The Champion Homes team has been instrumental in designing and building thousands of dream homes in and around Sydney and the greater Sydney area since 1998.   

Get in touch today and set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated knock down rebuild specialists. 

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