Modern Duplex Designs to Suit Your Lot and Your Pocket



Modern Duplex Designs to Suit Your Lot and Your Pocket

Sydney boasts a remarkably healthy and buoyant housing market with ever-increasing property prices. So investing in a duplex home could be a sound decision, an opportunity to buy into a preferred location and maximise your land’s value, with the added potential of earning a passive income.   

What is a Duplex Home? 

A duplex home is, effectively, two homes on one lot; a single residential building that consists of two residential homes. The plans will either show two dwellings side by side, like a townhouse, or on a corner lot where each dwelling addresses a different street.  Whereas the two residential homes typically mirror one another and share a common wall, the layout of the duplex design is versatile.  

With upward market trends in popular residential areas, land in Sydney is typically limited and comes at a premium. Duplexes offer flexible ownership options: the duplex can either exist under one title deed and be owned and sold together as a single sale/purchase, or each duplex home can exist under its own title deed and be sold and owned separately. This flexibility in ownership will maximise the value of the land and present an opportunity to earn a passive income. 

Modern Duplex Designs 

As Sydney’s Duplex Specialists, Champion Homes boasts a seasoned team of exceptional duplex builders and features an extensive range of quality duplex designs. The squeeze on property lot availability in popular suburbs has resulted in many narrow and unconventionally shaped lots. We have created an innovative and creative range of duplex designs that will complement these unusual lots and maximise the usable space to create a duplex home that suits your location, lifestyle, design tastes, and family’s needs. 

Our duplex portfolio has everything from duplex designs for narrow blocks to corner block duplex designs and everything in between. This extensive range of options means you are sure to find the perfect modern duplex design that is perfect for your lot and your pocket. 

Choose from more Duplex Designs: 

At Champion Homes, we specialise in building duplex homes that have been designed around our local climate and our passion for high-quality living spaces. With few design restrictions when it comes to plot size and home design style, our duplex home designs offer our clients boundless design feature options; for example, roof overhangs, two-storeyed house designs with balconies, narrow block house plans, cleverly designed floor plans, and skillfully crafted architectural devices.   

Our refreshing and extensive duplex home designs are fully customisable. Each unit and style of duplex design includes modern features, open-plan living, indoor/outdoor living options to maximise the space inside and outside your home, and all while factoring in privacy, location, plot size, and design preferences. As diverse and creative as the design and façade options are, one thing is constant across all our duplex designs and builds: we never compromise on quality!   

  • Double-story:  Our versatile double-storey duplex designs offer diverse floor plans to accommodate spacious bedrooms, plenty of storage, and creative and functional breakout options, like our Toscano, Leura, Sutherland and Linden. Our double-storey duplex home designs can certainly make the most of a narrow lot, too. Why sprawl out your floor space when you can go up and take advantage of the panoramic views from the upstairs rooms or the breathtaking balcony?   
  • Single storey: The Champion Homes website features an array of single-storey designs suitable for different lot types and varying budgets. Your duplex design can be customised around your family and financial needs, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and car garages, e.g., Lithgow and Shipley  to name but a few. We have single-storey designs that would fit beautifully on larger lots.   

Across the Champion Homes range of duplex homes, a number of our designs have up to four different façade styles to choose from, including Modern, Hamptons, and Contemporary. Each style tells its own unique story and can bring your own personal vision to life – two homes forged from one block and one vision. 

Our Specialist Duplex Team can guide and advise you on all aspects of your single or double-storey design and build based on your budget and your lot. The Champion Homes team of dedicated duplex specialists will provide full support from start to finish. 

Building a Duplex can be challenging, which is why it’s best to work with specialists. With over two (2) decades of experience leading the way, we’re the champion choice when it comes to duplexes in Sydney: 

  • Choose from more designs 
  • Our Duplexes come with more included 
  • We build where others don’t 
  • We feature Sydney’s first dedicated Duplex showroom 
  • Specialist Duplex team 

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