Single Storey vs Double Storey House: Which is Better for You?



Single Storey vs Double Storey House: Which is Better for You?

Bigger is better is a commonly used trope, correlating size with value. 

It’s easy to apply this principle to real estate. After all, a larger house offers more living space. However, it’s important to remember that not all things are equal. A larger home may end up creating difficulties for some owners that a smaller home wouldn’t.

If, then, it becomes a choice between a double storey house or a single storey house, which is the better option? Keep reading to learn which is the better fit for you.

Double Storey Home: Pros and Cons

Bigger is better. It can be that simple. Having a dedicated floor for bedrooms and a dedicated floor for shared spaces allows for much more privacy. It creates distinct environments, allowing each family member to shape their own space, as well as sharing communal rooms.

The downside of this, though, comes in a few different ways. Regulating temperature becomes much more difficult. After all, since heat rises, it’s not as easy to keep both floors at a comfortable temperature.

Stairs can create challenges, too, especially if there are small children, older adults or pets involved. Even if they don’t create a complication now, they’re something that needs to be considered depending on how long you plan to stay in the house and what lifestyle changes may occur along the way.

Finally, having a double storey house makes it more difficult to clean debris from the gutters, as well as keeping an eye on the condition of the roof.

Single Storey Home: Pros and Cons

Having all the living spaces on one floor, then, seems to solve many of the above issues. Stairs aren’t an issue, managing a uniform temperature is considerably more straightforward, and having a lower roof allows for easier maintenance.

The problems, then, become more personal. Fitting the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and shared spaces all on one level cuts into the size each room can be. As well, even with two people at opposite ends of the house, sound can travel easily, offering far less privacy.

This can be an issue for parents with older children as well. While being next door to an infant or young child has it’s conveniences, sharing a wall with a teenager can be far less than ideal.

Final Thoughts

There is no perfect home for everyone. Every home buyer has different needs for different circumstances, so it’s difficult to offer a straightforward solution. Instead, by considering the points listed above for either single or double storey homes, you can better understand what your needs are and decide what fits your needs best.

Every home buying experience requires compromise. Knowing what your needs are helps ensure that you don’t compromise on the wrong thing, committing you to an unideal situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about your specific needs, let us know. We have the expertise to help guide you to your right choice.

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