Some Steps to Remember During the Process of Buying Land and Building a House



Some Steps to Remember During the Process of Buying Land and Building a House

Buying land and building a house is a complex process, and can be seriously overwhelming.

However, choosing this option, rather than purchasing an existing home, comes with a range of benefits for the home buyer.

One of the best ways to simplify the process of buying land and building a house is to break it down into steps. Are you considering buying a land package to build a home on? You may find the following tips useful.

Research What You Need to Know

Do your research before looking for house and land packages. This will reduce the risk of nasty surprises when you start the process of buying land and building.

First, consider which local areas best meet what you want and need in a location, especially your budget. Also consider reasonable commuting times to work, the quality of area schools, and local regulatory challenges that you may have to overcome.

Even more importantly, learn about certain home assistance programs for which you might qualify. These include first time buyer loans, home owner grants, and other assistance available in many states and territories. 

Find a “Buildable” Lot

When you find a block of land, take the initiative and find out if it is “buildable.” In some cases, restrictions may prevent you from building a home on the lot at all.

Usually, however, a buyer must simply consider the cost of local requirements. Subdivision regulations, zoning laws, building codes, and other issues may force reconsideration of where you build or what you want to do on site. They may forbid features that you want to include in your home design. In other cases, you may see extra costs that make your desired design unfeasible.

Other barriers to convenient construction include regulations protecting endangered species, sensitive habitats, or other possible land based problems.

Gain Financing

First, choose from a local set of trusted mortgage brokers to work with you to find the best possible deal. They will evaluate your credit and finances to determine how much you can borrow. If your credit score can improve enough in the short term to obtain better rates, they can advise on that as well. 

Before you can take the next step, you must receive a pre-approval from a reputable lender. This will give you an approximate figure of how much capital you may access.

When buying land and then building, in most cases you will need two separate loans. One exception to this is when you choose a completed home and land package.

Find a Construction Company

One of the most important parts of the process is finding the right construction company. Look for a company with significant experience in working with designs and building. It should also carry a trusted and respected reputation in the community. 

Land and Construction Loans

This loan finances land purchases only. In most cases, the buyer will have to put up 10 percent or more as a downpayment. Individuals who buy the land have no obligation to commence construction immediately. They may, however, have to pay off the loan while still waiting to build a new home.

A construction loan will generally require at least a five percent down payment to cover building costs. 

At last, you can enjoy the final settlement and handover of the property. When working with Champion Homes to build the property of your dreams, you can rest assured that you will get durability and dependability in your new home.

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