The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package



The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package

The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package

In the last decade and a half, Sydney has seen record numbers of homes being built. Almost half of them have been built in Camden, Liverpool, The Hills, Parramatta, and Blacktown.

With such a surge in homebuilding, an interest in a house and land package has peaked among prospective first-time home buyers.

What Is A House And Land Package?

The majority of new home blocks are made by property developers. They first acquire available land once it’s released by the government. These developers will set up all the roads, water, sewage, and utilities.

Then they sell the land to home builders such as Champion Homes who put them together as a package deal. This includes the completed house and land together. Customisable home designs are also on offer so that buyers can choose their own features.

A House & Land Package Costs Less Than A Custom Build

Generally, a house and land package is a better value than buying an existing home in the same area.

It can also be less expensive than buying a new home with all of the new fixtures and upgrades.

With A House And Land Package, You Can Pick The Design

One of the biggest benefits to purchasing a house and land package is the buyer’s ability to choose the design that they like. They can choose what will best suit their needs while still enjoying a nice size of land.

House and land packaged include both the land and the choice of a pre-designed house that the buyer decides upon.

Move-In Ready Convenience

If you choose the “turnkey” option, your home will come with everything included. You can often select from a range of upgrades at a reduced price.

It is important to check on these “inclusions” and “upgrades” as they are often used as marketing tools by builders. 

Some builders don’t offer many inclusions. This is so they can market their houses at a low price. They usually leave out essentials like floor coverings and a driveway. Once you add these in they usually amount to more than a builder who offered more inclusions.  

Champion Homes is renowned for our high level of inclusions and turnkey offerings. We build fully featured homes that are ready to move into. 

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Build Your Home With Us

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a house and land package for your future home? If so, we’re here to help.

As a respected builder in the industry, we’ll walk you through the whole process from beginning to end.

Browse our website for additional details about home and land packages. Contact us with any questions you may have, or to get started on building your brand new home.

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