Thinking of Knocking Down Your Home? – What the specialists have to say



Thinking of Knocking Down Your Home? – What the specialists have to say

Love your street? Friendly neighbours? Great transport accessibility? And your children’s school is just around the corner! But something still isn’t quite right…. 

Over time your once beloved home can become tired and old, but that doesn’t mean you need to move to a new suburb or city. According to experts, the most time-efficient and cost-efficient choice is a knockdown rebuild.

In the last 10 years an increased number of property owners across Sydney are choosing to rebuild their homes. Finding the perfect location to suit your lifestyle is difficult, and therefore it doesn’t seem viable to leave the community you love just because your house is outdated. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to entirely transform your property and create a duplex or dual occupancy, a knockdown is the way to go!

Unlike renovating, the customisation of your property is a much more seamless process when you decide on a knockdown rebuild. Don’t compromise on plans of improved functionality and modernisation, and start taking full advantage of your land.

The knockdown rebuild process comprises of the following 4 key steps:

1. Plan your new dream design

To start the process you need to decide on the details and design aspects of your new build. Questions you may ask yourself are; how many rooms do you want? What flooring do you prefer? How do you envision your kitchen? Do you want a granny flat? You can find sources of inspiration online, by browsing through similar home designs or seeking assistance from our home design specialists.

2. Schedule a site inspection

The next step is to set up an inspection of your house before the knockdown commences. A professional inspector will consider accessibility, access to power and other essentials to determine if your proposed design will be suitable for the location. If your property is located in an older suburb of Sydney, ​​heritage and conservation controls are very important to highlight.

3. Begin the knockdown

Now it’s time for the knockdown. With the help of an experienced team, you will say goodbye to your old tired house to make way for the property or home of your dreams.

4. Leave it in our hands!

When you choose to knockdown and rebuild with Champion Homes, our specialist team will be there to support you at every step and solve any concerns you may have. Our experience will ensure this process is as seamless as possible, and you can rest assured knowing your new home is in safe hands.

For a limited time, Champion Homes is offering all new customers who want to rebuild their house, to knockdown their old premises for just $5,000! This means you can save up to $24,000 across the process, and utilise this money towards exciting, new features for your property. Whether it be a duplex, home or dual occupancy, unlock the full potential of your land with this amazing offer when you partner with the Champion Homes specialist team.

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