Knockdown Rebuild Specialists Sydney

Knockdown Rebuild Specialists Sydney

Knock Down Rebuild Specialists Sydney

You love the street you live in. Your children are happy with their school, their friends and their local schools, however your needs have changed and the tired old house does not work anymore but you don’t want to move.

Knock down rebuild is the answer

You keep your current address, memories and relationships, while enjoying the benefits of a brand-new home, tailored to your every need.

Champion Homes understands the difficult decisions modern Australian working families and home owners have to make when it comes to a growing family, need for more room, more functionality, and the demands of modern living. Plus, still accessing everything they love about the street, suburb and community you already choose as home.

These are the key decisions that drive most people’s desire to create a brand-new living environment with a knock down rebuild.

Knock Down Rebuild Grows in Popularity

Champion Homes realises that over the past 10 years the concept of knocking down an existing home, and replacing it with a modern new home has grown in popularity with Australian families and this is borne out by the increasing level of people who decide to knock down rebuild with Champion Homes.

Knock Down Rebuild with Champion Homes

Champion Homes is well placed to help home owners with the many questions you have about the knock down rebuild option.

Champion Homes can show you exciting new home designs to suit your land. You’ll love all the ideas that can be incorporated into your new home.

Your Dream Home Could be a Knock Down Rebuild

A modern kitchen, separate spaces for adults and kids, teenager’s retreats, media rooms, butler’s pantries, outdoor living and entertaining, expansive master suites with luxurious ensuites, family spaces, studies, ducted cooling and heating, solar efficiency, and all the fantastic things that come in a brand-new home.

Many of which cannot be achieved in a renovation. Indeed, in many cases knock down rebuild can be far cheaper, easier and quicker then undertaking a renovation on an outdated home.

Champion Homes helps with all the Knock Down Rebuild Questions

In your knock down rebuild, Champion Homes will help you with all the important considerations like solar orientation, size and scale of the dwelling when looked at in relationship to neighbouring homes, council issue like setbacks, height, stormwater, BASIX and any heritage or conservation issues.

Heritage and conservation controls are especially important when considering knock down rebuild in the older suburbs of Sydney.

Our extensive range of designs can be easily customised to suit any size and shape of block. And all are easily adapted to maximise sunlight, views and lifestyle. We handle all council, heritage and conservation requirements, so ‘Knockdown Rebuilding’ has never been easier.

The road to building happiness is the very same road you’ve always lived on

Champion Homes understands the popularity of knock down rebuild when you consider no matter how much you may love your old home nothing compares to the excitement of getting the keys to and moving into a brand-new home.

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6 Reasons to Knock Down Rebuild Instead of Renovating

Whether you’ve outgrown your existing home, or perhaps have your eye on a particular suburb or street to buy into, the big decision remains; should you renovate or rebuild? It is easy to get caught up in the romance of renovating, particularly with the media’s focus on DIY projects, but there are some genuine benefits choosing the knock down rebuild option.

Is a knock down rebuild for you?

1. Cost – Renovation or Rebuild?

When you watch TV it’s easy to get taken away with the idea of renovation.

But when you take into consideration everything involved with a renovation – time finding the materials, demolishing with care, retaining and working around existing structural elements, health consideration like asbestos and mould, and all the things that can go wrong that romance quickly wears off.

Renovating quickly becomes an expensive, emotionally draining, and time consuming exercise, so unless there is a particular reason to do so (like significant heritage value of a home) it is easy to see why so many people are now opting to knock down rebuild.

And finally, when you realise that knocking down and old home and rebuilding a brand-new home probably costs a lot less per m2 than renovating, it becomes the intelligent choice.

Plus, you can choose and pick all the design elements just the same as you would in a renovation so you have all the fun and none of the hassles.

2. Less risk

Under the surface of any renovation lies challenges that you can never anticipate.

Unstable foundations, bad wiring, blocked up plumbing that needs replacing and just all sorts of dodgy building practices of the past poses risks that you cannot know when starting out on a renovation.

With a knock down rebuild you will have a contract subject to the terms and conditions of the contract and a good idea of how long it will take. This gives you control and confidence in the outcome.

3. Energy efficiency

Environmental and cost considerations are high on the list of a new home build. When older homes were built, people didn’t think as much about these things and it is almost impossible to make an old home as efficient as a new one, even with an extensive renovation. Brand new homes focus on making the most of natural light, allowing breezes to flow through and cool the home, the best orientation on the block and use of energy efficient materials. This saves you money in the long term.

4. Time

No one really knows how long it’s going to take to renovate a house because of the issues we’ve outlined above but with a knock down rebuild you will have a very good idea of how long the process with take from the beginning. This gets you back in your home as quick as possible, and saves your family’s sanity.

5. No compromise

With a brand new knock down rebuild you can achieve all your hopes and dreams for a new home in one go. You’ll have the perfect modern kitchen, perfect sized rooms, the right room for the right family member and beautiful new design elements. You’ll love your new Champion Home.

6. Location

The best thing about a knock down rebuild is that you get to stay living and sharing in your existing community, with all the friendships you and your family have built up. This means less stress and more connection. You’ll be in the location you want and the dream home you deserve.

To find out how you can knock down rebuild contact Champion Homes on 1800 118747

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